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Chess of 3 years of one bureau
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Before early, hill of high mountain eyebrow is 3 years of in one day, if emerge,do not have Feng Chaoshan stream of people, very lively.
County of hill of high mountain eyebrow has an old man with the town too, surname Zhao, zhao old man year even more 60, full hall of children and grand children, the body is returned but hale. His usually a person's mind is kind-hearted, letter spirit respects Buddha, in home village or town love does thing of some of be apt to of long bridge filling road, whenever face highs he should invite eyebrow hill,about a few old fellow go together make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain, chase a hall to give Bodhisattva burn joss sticks kowtow.
Meet one year again make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain, zhao old man makes an appointment with associate again people set out leave. They come to hill of high mountain eyebrow, according to in former years, chase kowtow of temple burn joss sticks. Sweet burn to 9 old holes, have an old fellow proposal: "Hear of 9 old holes, there is a hole in the hole, our make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain never goes for years, flat today go looking? " natural disposition of Zhao old man is curious, natural head is held with, the person of the others also assentations.
They come to 9 old holes all right, as expected, change the view inside the hole chic, stalactitic 1000 appearance 100 condition, multicolored, fork hole is very much, large hole covers small hole, small hole opens large hole, hole hole scene each different, very amused. Everybody was not gotten a little while get came loose. Zhao old man gets narrow short fork hole. His this person all along disposition is strange, see the hole is narrow short slant want pretty getting. Hey? He has gotten this narrow short place, hole child broaden become tall, see two old men fluctuate in desk of a piece of stone chess, one is white mustache, one is black beard. Element of Zhao old man has play chess hobby, see person play chess, the heart is scratchy. Cannot help standing by white mustache stealthily, devouringly looks at chessboard.
Two old men confuse chess bureau, everybody doesn't have pay attention to he. Zhao old man sees a step enchanted, two look unfamiliar are smooth, the hand is unable to bear or endure point to point to delimit delimit busy ceaseless. A little while be favored with is worn vaulting horse, say this dispatch a vehicle a little while. Complexion of two old men is a little vinegary, but everybody did not blame him.
Left 10 bureaus, black beard feels two peach from bag, gave to give white beard. Plain boiled pork of that peach skin is red, juice gush extraordinary fragrance, zhao old man is unable to bear or endure straight pharynx saliva. White mustache sees mouth of shape close lightly laugh, cut half peach to hand with small knife he, he: "Wither " , had received two pharynx next abdomen.
Eat Bi Tao child, he continues to see play chess of two old men again. A little while one bureau chess was over, black be defeated by Bai Ying, white mustache looked sidelong at him, say very angrily: "Do you still do what here? Your associate comes again make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain! " Zhao old man sees the family is grouchy, sensible ground goes toward the hole.
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