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The mouse of 9 old holes
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Qian has a crops Chinese for clear water brook, surname seedling, nickname 2 child. Miao Erwa family circumstances is not bounteous, everyday food and clothing is spare. But he has an interest, like make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain to do obeisance to Buddha. High especially eyebrow hill, he needs every year face. His wife sees family circumstances poor, the man is sold toward pediment year after year again, in the heart very unhappy, often Di whisper clucks.
A year, miao Erwa meets again make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain, his wife is very grouchy, want to teach him a lesson, him new shoes Tibet rises, give him a pair old; Rise Tibet of cotton short gown, give him an interlining short gown, those who eat, prepared steamed bun of a few corn to him only. Miao Erwa heart thinks, want you to let me go only, also do not cold-shoulder, he puts on old shoe and interlining short gown, carrying a package on the back to set out.
Miao Erwa went a few days to come to hill of high mountain eyebrow, the old shoe below the foot is already worn-out; Come to 9 old holes, old shoe has worn a bottom. This, wind of the hill on hill " whiz whiz " so cold that he trembles all over, the about with that mouth black black area resembles a beggar simply. But his this person favores face, the pilgrim that is afraid of make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain saw joke, hide into 9 old holes stealthily.
He comes in cave, chose a lee, open a package next, take out solid food allay one's hunger. At this moment, he sees mouse of a fluffy suddenly, the rear foot stands case, chela up, have pity on the corn steamed bun in looking at his hand, the seedling quivers in 2 baby heart, sigh: "Bad news ah bad news, 2 child are so miserable, look you are miserable like 2 child also! " say, divided half corn steamed bun to lose mouse.
This mouse is impolite also, had held corn steamed bun " whisperwhispering sound " the ground is gnawed rise, eat jian hou mian to be dropped ran away.
A little while, miao Erwa is heard " all all rustles " ground noise, turn around to look, see a few mouse procrastinate procrastinate, carry carry, hold come a pair of new shoes and short gown of a cotton. He is taken look, alarmed and happy, know wife makes this pair of new shoes, cotton A Chinese-style unlined garment also is worn when his weather is cold, he is very grouchy, put on at once, very fast body and foot rise with respect to thaw.
He is preparing unkennel start off, transmit suddenly again " all all rustles " noise, he turns around to look, see two mouse are carrying bloat only partly chicken, end is put before his body, he is very long had not had meat or fish of raw meat or fish, so greedy that feel nervous, busy had taken bloat chicken, tear down gallinaceous wing is big big mouth ground is chewed rise. Take gallinaceous wing, he licks a lip, remember a medium wife suddenly, the heart wants to tasted a dot to go, do not eat to be fed alone, this area that leave comes home let wife also be tasted.
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