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Without predestined relationship bonze and agalloch eaglewood wood
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Summit of high mountain eyebrow has an ancient check, renown I lie Yun An. Fabulous a long time ago, there is one small bonze to make do not have a predestined relationship in temple. Without Qian of predestined relationship life, the body is short and appearance is ugly, contract disease of body odor of one dense disease again. All the year round bad smell fumes a person. Younger brother of senior fellow apprentice disrelishs him, do not wish to manage he, the body odor that the abbot in temple is afraid of him dirty deities, do not let him cross family hall for worshipping Buddha at ordinary times one pace, let him be only work in temple some carry water, kindling, hill makes the hard work such as bavin on.
One day, make a surname without the hill on the predestined relationship, unexpectedly come to one magical cove, hover of mist of sunken words spoken by an actor from offstage, lucky gas is dense. He feels barpque, approach to look, seeing is one different tree, this different tree is very tall be like an umbrella, the branch is like Qiu dragon, xiemao is shady, yi Yi is flashy, send out downward an endless Yu Xiang. Pass through thick shade, he sees above have many dry bavin, the one happy event in the heart, cultivate on busy equipment axe, start work chop bavin.
Unexpectedly this different is truncal bavin is very hard, tired dripping wet of his kubla khah, axe blade also is chopped be short of. Nice not easy gift chops below one cut to do bavin. He sees prep before of colour of sky, abandon different tree, implicate other bavin was chopped on the tree... .
The following day, carry abbot of water chance encounter without the predestined relationship, abbot is one of arris, call him, say to surprise repeatedly: "Strange! Strange, the body odor on your body already went, ke Wenfang is sweet. " say be in a hurry calls out him at the same time, ask surprizingly: "Without the predestined relationship, can you encounter what miracle recently? " without the predestined relationship all along honest, dare not conceal, said the thing that makes bavin encounter Na Yishu. Abbot is an old monk that have been around a lot connects, listen have the miracle such as this, dichotomy understood immediately in the heart. Busy should go without the predestined relationship bavin room does that check bavin fetch.
Do not have a predestined relationship to dare not slight, had taken that cut to do bavin, abbot looks, as expected this dry bavin blame is same kind, black in fully red, aroma is tangy, concluding at once is the agalloch eaglewood wood with one rare cut, abbot is alarmed and happy, plan in the heart: "Listen to person cloud, invaluable of agalloch eaglewood of celestial being hill, if cut agalloch eaglewood tree,sell druggist, my Bai Yunan not rise to power and position? " plan flexibly dozen calm, cut down tree goes before the decision.
The following day, abbot leads numerous person group, let act as a guide without the predestined relationship diameter that is magical cove.
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