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Day door stone and withered Xie Die
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High and steep of hill of high mountain eyebrow is beautiful. Li Bai of Tang Dynasty great poet ever wrote Shi Zandao: "Tower above of high mountain eyebrow on the west extremely day. " also circulating in folk " Sichuan has a mountain of high mountain eyebrow, have 3 foot only from the day 3 " view. But, the not far from Jin Ding place on hill of high mountain eyebrow has two big stone to compare hill of high mountain eyebrow however taller. Figure of these two stone is similar, relative to stand erect, apart is less than one a unit of length, cliff is very steep, "What cut just like the knife is same. Allegedly this stone is so, climb above can feel south day door, so people cries it " day door stone " .
Filling day of stone of refine of family name of female cochlea of according to legend when, a stone boiled from furnace. That stone is dropped downward from the sky, fall to hill of high mountain eyebrow all the time. From now on, hill of high mountain eyebrow had tall big stone, insert the vault of heaven continuously. Be in without this stone previously. From pink clouds come to the world in the heavenly palace that circle, should go out south day door, "Through big ladder. There is Qing Luan child on the side of day ladder guard, if do not have the devree of mother of jade emperor, king, everybody does not think the past. Since having rock of this day door, because be connected on it south day door, issue hill of the eyebrow that connect high mountain, think of the world can be crossed so piece south day door, set foot on day door stone, do not pass day ladder, can arrive hill of high mountain eyebrow. Those divine arms in heavenly palace, day general, colour daughter, Yun Tong, hear scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow is beautiful, pass day door stone constantly, cheerful cheerful runs to hill of high mountain eyebrow to come amuse oneself.
This day, just about at the beginning of March 3, king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank should do Xi peach grand meeting greatly, celebrate birth of congratulate on sb's birthday. Each immortal should come congratulate on sb's birthday attends the banquet, , too white Venus is taking lot of king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank fairy people go plucking to flat peach garden coil but peach, too white Venus fairy people when enrolling number of check the amount, did not see two fairy that defend flat peach garden however, one interrogate, just knowing is from day door stone privately highs eyebrow hill, be obliged empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of mother of report back king: "Open report goddess, picked coil goes before demigod acts under orders to take numerous fairy, but defend two fairy of peach garden,did not arrive. Classics interrogate, so they from south the descend to the world of privately of day door stone outside day door went. "King mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank listens, very angry. The heart thinks: This stone also is born eccentricly, impartiality is not inclined, as it happens stands in south outside day door, read aloud for those every not disappear, do not defend the person of celestial being compasses, built the temporary bridge between a illicit descend to the world. This stone is not divided, heavenly palace is not gotten quiet, she makes gigantic sharp mind instantly in front of bade say: "Have two fairy of Shou Taoyuan today, between descend to the world of illicit of stone of classics day door, life you fast catch them twice come back, must not have by accident. " gigantic quick look receives an order, drive head removing the cloud instantly, come to arrest of hill of high mountain eyebrow two fairy.
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