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Gong Zhushan is fabulous
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Red bead lakefront

According to concerning book account: Jiang of the Mingshi at the beginning of Qing Dynasty exceeds and Gong Zhushan has connection greatly. Jiang Chao (1623- - 1675) word Hu Chen, suzhou person, have " annals of hill of high mountain eyebrow " , with moral article name at the world, one of unripe achievement are collected at " different of Liao Zhai annals " , ever was courtyard of member of the Imperial Academy to repair write, because of hill of eyebrow of admire high mountain, demit official lives in seclusion with lay Buddhist Gong Zhushan and cliff of trailing plants peak are taken, past arrival has clear Mingshi Wang Yuyang, Li Diaoyuan, Zhao Xi wait during, the Gong Zhushan at that time can say is famed far Er.
As to the antecedents meaning of Gong Zhushan place name, answer to be taken for local aborigines place, landforms of original Gong Zhushan fastens crimson color sandstone, here has 7 to rise and fall continuous small chain of mountains, vegetation luxuriant, only alone among (on 2 buildings) peak throughout the year is desert, very peculiar, far view extremely those who be like to twinkle is red bead, reason is Gong Zhushan with this.
Because the scenery is pretty with geology peculiar, around Gong Zhushan derivative two paragraphs of celestial being walk on strange predestined relationship. See first at " hill of high mountain eyebrow is fabulous " one book account, yo of emperor saying jade has 7 female, bath of privately descend to the world Yu Gongzhu lake, 7 younger sister because think of sb with respect is red bead scenery and knot cottage does not return, yu Dishu and change 7 younger sister are Gong Zhushan, other also devotes into photograph of melt into chain of mountains 6 times to follow like that because of contest of sororal ties of friendship, this was formed present red bead 7 peaks; Another with " white snake is passed " the story is concerned, yu E eyebrow is in snake of spoken parts in an opera, black serpent after Shan Xiulian figuration west lake and Xu Xian become attached to, because of black serpent dragon boat festival reveal one's true features frightens Xu Xian dead after, when white snake helps a person to glossy ganoderma of purloin of high mountain eyebrow match powers with the celestial being child of guardianship glossy ganoderma however, as a result white snake hurts the top of Yu Gongzhu of serious drop blood, change and be red bead, hill of eyebrow of nowadays high mountain has white snake to repair the white dragon hole of refine, have the temple of Lv hole guest that sends the red inside white snake, the case that still hill of high mountain eyebrow teems with glossy ganoderma is waited a moment for clear proof namely; Additionally one say, it is Buddha path is entered early or late advocate hill of high mountain eyebrow and a paragraph of story that derives severally, taoist school says: The Zhao Gongming mammon of 9 old holes revenges to replace 3 division younger sister, carry 24 decide Nereus bead and enemy home to match powers, drop a spirit bead turns into here Gong Zhushan; The Buddhist says, hill of high mountain eyebrow is the Taoist or Buddhish rites of Pu Xian Bodhisattva, the edge when roam of Pu Xian Bodhisattva walks along an edge to hold Buddha bead, na Fozhu touched intelligence of animals, seeing Gong Zhushan is to manage geomantic treasure land, fall herein repairs refine.
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