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Horse of herd of bound of Liang Laowu celestial being
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Qing Chaojia celebrates 3 years, meng Chun a day, temple of 9 old holes came to hill of high mountain eyebrow one middleaged person, profess Liang Laowu, an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise below hill of high mountain eyebrow child (Fu Xi is pressed down) person family name, will become a monk or nun especially. Reason is, he crosses a horse for celestial being herd in elfland of high mountain eyebrow. Old monk is very open-eyed, let him tell this story...
An ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise child (Fu Xi) bridge channel has a Liang Laowu, person end, the heart is big, of one mind wants to send big money only, stand out. He hears what can make money to do what, but what thing also does not have dry success. Get thoroughly year nearly 40, still alone one person.
A year, say to dig medicine to sell into hill of high mountain eyebrow can profiteer, the one heat in the heart, with respect to the solid food on the belt, medicine of basket of the medicine on the back enters hill v hoe. He has walked along a grove, walk into a narrow valley, the cliff of this valley both sides does not see a top high, gu Zhong does not see animal is slash, do not hear bird voice, very noiseless. He went a little while again, what medicine also did not see one individual plant, he is hungry, thirsty, want to sit to eat bit of solid food
But he just sat down, a cobble jab aches left. Under his stretch, conveniently takes this cobble fierce to swing at the same time, listen only " phut " the ground, immediately the smoother in cereal is enclothed, russian bend, smoother drops off, the valley disappears, appeared to weigh magical world. The mountains and rivers-land in this world, river, arboreous, flowers and plants appears quiet all the more and elegant.
Liang Laowu feels very amazed, he establishs a body, see back has one honour dragon to engrave the monument of wind suddenly, on tablet quarter have a few big character. He also is known at ordinary times a few words, look seriously, see those who write is: "Bound of celestial being of high mountain eyebrow " , be fond of in his heart, know to already reached immortal blessing ground, go to in go.
Did not go much further, he sees in front have the flat peach with one emerald green red compose forest, the one happy event in the heart, the heart thinks abdomen hungry, why to go in eat delighted. Foot of be awed of hand of his be awed walks into flat peach forest, see peach Xielu is like jade, flat peach is bright red be about to drip, aroma raids a person, he is so greedy that he swallow saliva continuously, be about to stretch his hand go picking, suddenly somebody holds him in arms to cry continuously: "Capture thief! " he is confused, busy look later, it is build go up bundle of move " day a term applied to a kindhearted person " boy. This boy pulls him to want to see host. He is frightened urgently again again, busy chicanery says: "I am not to steal, it is to want to take. " agree to depend on over there that boy, two people quarrel rise.
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