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3 night hole gets treasure
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Once upon a time, brook of accord with of county of high mountain eyebrow has an actor that sells Ba Lang to rouse. Surname poplar, he calls Ba Lang beat on the place. Yang Ba man rouses year of nearly 4 a period of ten days, did not marry, usually very letter Bodhisattva, accumulate virtue of exquisite do good works wants him to have a bit stockpile a bit only, can promise to burn joss sticks of hill of high mountain eyebrow.
A day, he sells Ba Lang beat to come home in the county, meet in unfortunate road " good guy 2 " the money that reaved him. He is enraged again sad, lament to heaven and knock one's head on earth the ground cries: "My poplar Ba Lang rouses accumulate virtue of lifetime do good works, meet with how good guy ah? " that club fellow 2 listen to him so cry cry, made his a slap on the face, scold: "Want to be illogical, you ask a term applied to a kindhearted person! You ask a term applied to a kindhearted person!!
"Good guy 2 " after going, he thinks, feel " good guy 2 " if reasonable also, high with respect to face about eyebrow hill dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland directly temple. He censes before Bodhisattva devotional: "Bodhisattva ah Bodhisattva, my poplar Ba Lang rouses accumulate virtue of do good works, you are not blessed how ah... "
This night, beat of Yang Ba man made a dream, dream of woman of 3 black clotheses, among them one says to him: "Tomorrow is our sister must 3000 festal, you to hill of high mountain eyebrow 3 night hall burns column to us sweet, we can bless you to become one party moneybags " . He one Jing and wake, one affection missing a dream feels odd, the heart thinks, high I am familiar with every temple of eyebrow hill, the what that comes then 3 night hall? Know to high hill has a hole to call 3 night the hole on half hill only, listening to a person to say is the place with 3 ascetic night, is it possible that 3 women of Na Mengzhong are 3 night empress or imperial concubine of the first rank won't do!
The following day, beat of Yang Ba man is taking solid food and sweet candle, go up high eyebrow hill goes. He on the way tramp over hill and dale, cross channel to cross gully, good come not easily to 3 night hole. He sees miscellaneous brushwood gives birth to Gu Teng outside the hole dish wrong, animal mark disappears on the ground, lin Zhong does not hear bird voice, so noiseless that your person be astonished is afraid of. His bluff is worn courage, an only place was found in mouth of a cave, begin to cense bit of candle, kowtow chapel rises.
Week ends, he feels abdomen is a bit hungry, the heart wants why to to eat solid food here. Pick up an one caboodle to do bavin to ignite, base has a rock, above adust grain, the edge bakes an edge to eat. Eating, eating, suddenly that stone is baked by fire " phut " blast the crust of fission black, the thing with shining bright yellow was shown inside, he is busy lower his head to look, seeing is together more than 20 jins of heavy gold. He is immediately alarmed and happy, understanding is how to return a responsibility, grow green to be like ground knock outside 3 night hole again at once a few build.
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