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9 old holes are expeditionary
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9 old holes are hill of high mountain eyebrow one of famous tourist attractions, romaunt is not little, go sightseeing into the hole since past dynasties expeditionary do not know how to many have, knowledge, each are narrated differ, but have one view identical. If enter,enter a hole labyrinthian, want to be in the hole dug unexpectedly, much meeting is stray. Accordingly, cloister of 9 old holes is indifferent have rule, do sth without authorization of the bonze in forbidding temple enters a hole.
Fokelore is in the Republic of China is earlier, 9 often have 3 small bonze in hole temple, become a monk or nun before long, corrupt play curiosity, do not believe extraordinary. They hear 9 old holes are very deep, past dynasties has say from what be gotten to the end of the hole without somebody, in the heart good not scratchy, meet and discuss one aggregate, hiding the truth from old monk, prepare solid food, blueness sweet, with the candle, on the sly walked into 9 old holes.
3 small bonze, although junior clever and outstanding, enter " labyrinthian " hind, each one burns candle, every go to the middle of the hole 20 paces are inserted by turns sweet, as the guide that return way.
Such, they went in the hole very very long, long, will to do not have the dry river of water. River range is not wide, about 2 a unit of length are made, the cobble of Bai Sensen's sand and multicoloured is completely in the river. Flood land visible now and then the beast death's head that showing phosphorescence. 3 small bonze giggle, mischievous extremely, arrive to be fear of.
They crossed an ivory stone forest then, come to a river again. This river relatively before a bit some narrower, feet of depth of water is made, chan Chan is phonic. But water is particularly cold, the candle blaze in the hand shines continuously, who does the elephant have blowing. They are unable to bear or endure dozen of move is cold quiver. A small bonze says: "Pretty is fearsome, we still turn back. " a small bonze lowers his head not language, a small bonze the neck one raise says: "Audacious capture dragon to capture a tiger, recreant be afraid of a cat catch the end! " say to take the lead the travel before continueing.
3 small bonze go forth again. Went very long, the cave that has visited a stricture child the stone forest belt that widens with, come to the side of a river again. This river is very narrow, make an appointment with a unit of length to make, but water is very deep, send greatly green, medicinal powder give out a kind powerful and fishy, there is a natural Shi Qiao on water. Look of their each other look, go up to the bridge all right, candle blaze shines particularly badly suddenly. Leading small bonze just went in the bridge, at this moment the water below the bridge is abrupt " cluck Long " make sound. Risking the bleb of bowl mouth size. Leading Xiaohe still fills a badder-like inner container: "Hey, father thinking be astonished is! " saying, he bows illuminate downward with the candle, abrupt, "Bu " the ground, the candle destroyed. Frighten hair of the back of the human body of 3 small bonze is coolly immediately, want to say what is returned not phonate, hear water suddenly in " alarm of cluck alarm cluck " the ground is noisy, sound ases if come from distant sky, it is to come from in underground rolling mine, heavy and horrible, heal noisy fierce. Empty of 3 small bonze was appeared, try to be the first retreats Shi Qiao, later start running escapes.
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