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Mr Wang repairs celestial being
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Fokelore is between the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of the Republic of China, the well grinds countryside of prefectural week slope has a teach gentleman, surname king, person king gentleman.
Book of Mr Wang be addicted to is like a life, like to read book of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease especially, bewitching of fox of ghosts and gods is completely in the head, have research to ascetic Cheng Xianpo, read betweenwhiles, always draft oneself the person in the book, feel oneself have celestial being root, celestial being bottom, want see through human society, easy ascend to heaven and become immortal to become celestial being only. He is long hill of eyebrow famous high mountain is ground of blessing of celestial being home, energy of life of spirit of 9 old holes is very full. Listen to a person to tell again, many Qi Ma mice on hill were become in 9 old holes if really. He thinks he has celestial being root originally, why differ try. He is then dark be determined, should go to hill of high mountain eyebrow mortify refine.
He should get on Wang Qijian hill is ascetic, enrage again be afraid of again, height nots comply, two sons see father wants to become a monk or nun, also object stoutly, mr Wang objects, consider as an immortal to be in him test borrowing every, also not conflict, a decision is made secretly in the heart. In a day of night, he gets up stealthily clear away ready, escaped. Through trudge of a few days. He comes to hill of high mountain eyebrow eventually, entered 9 old holes. His pitch on an extremely kosher fork hole, inside cross one's legs shuts eye to repair refine to rise...
A day, two days, arrived the 3rd day, he feels the hunger in the heart must feel nervous, the body is so soft that the body risk abnormal sweating due to general debility continuously, to become celestial being, he still is brace, continue cross one's legs shuts eye to repair refine, passed a little while, he feels the body is unusual suddenly, now.. rise, now.. sinks, and more and more apparent, sometimes unexpectedly can what rise counts foot is tall. Feel happy secretly in his heart, the heart thinks, kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, my king gentleman spent the difficulty of immortal test, want emergence to become celestial being eventually.
Little imagine just when during he is glad, two his sons appear suddenly before him, let him open an eye, shiver ground points to his head to go up with the hand, want him to look, between surprised and bewildered, he looks up at sight of a python dish go up in one stalactite, hanging down the head is sleeping, his body rise sinks is not to want emergence to become celestial being, however python breathes out whiff, its Li Zhihong makes his body go up, frighten he is insensibly immediately went...
Mr Wang is insensible a few days, on the bed that when awaking, lies in oneself already, the son tells him: We dare not alarm python, stealthily ability comes home your back. He listened to a son tell about be ashamed extremely in the heart, say to wife and son: "Xiu Xian is false, I also did not believe again! I also did not believe again!!
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