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Sibling is encountered strange write down
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Have on hill of high mountain eyebrow hang cliff magically, cliff edge has Gu Shu of agalloch eaglewood of an all ages, drama says this Gu Shu is a key that opens elfland entrance door.
Fabulous, do not know to be in which years which months, have sibling two go hill of Chao E eyebrow, elder brother calls Mu Qing, younger sister calls Mu Xiu. Sibling comes all right near Lei Dongping, wave suddenly one fragrances, mu Qing to younger sister: "This fragrance very not common, there is treasure surely around. " Mu Xiu is a curious woman, busy assentation: "We might as well search aroma to look.
Mu Qing feels the idea is good, willingly approve of.
Sibling 2 people are looked for as aroma, had turned over a ridge, had crossed a mountain stream, come to the bluff of hover of cloud of one spoken parts in an opera. There is to join extremely big tree on bluff, crown of a tree enclothes several mus superabundant. On the tree green shade dancing, showing green light, send out an endless Yu Xiang. Mu Qing is very excited, with the hand past Gu Shu is patted gently, mu Xiu is abrupt cry in fear rises, slow: "Elder brother, I lose sight of you! " solemn blueness is clever and outstanding, knowing is tree of a treasure, busy receive return a blow from the tree, let younger sister try with the hand. As expected Mu Xiu's hand just touched Gu Shu, her body also concealed went. Mu Qing with joy straight clap applauds. He touchs Gu Shu together with the hand with the little sister again, suddenly, the miracle appeared, listen only " babble " , ancient tree crown of a tree leaves light of a bundle of colour fully. Sibling is busy look up to look, see the Bai Yun on tremendous crown of a tree rolls, russian bend, bai Yun to all directions slowly diffuse, ask one heavy world, see mountain of strange peak different dimly, berth of river Haihe River, visible also pine sets off one another, cabinet of booth of a high building, suddenly still transmit wave in the wind a Guan Zhisheng.
Muqing feeling pleasedly to younger sister: "Celestial being place is surely above, my sibling has a reason, one feast one's eyes on goes on " Mu Xiu hears brother says a tree to look, the great rejoicing in the heart, to elder brother path: "Door of this celestial being opens for my sibling place, is going up mere feast one's eyes on? " finish talking, like the monkey the first mounts Gu Shu.
Sibling two mount Gu Shu, see between white cloud hover an a man is like silver, the old person with elegant bearing, he says to their amiably: "Charitable person of sansei of sibling of solemn family name, 7 worlds do obeisance to Buddha pilgrim, yu Huang makes me be in a long time of this await respectively. " sibling Wen Yan is alarmed and happy, be about to salute, the old person places a hand, ask again: "Is sibling to wish celestial being? Still wish to go down to do an imperial court to take treasure title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination.
Mu Xiu is impatient grab a mouth to answer: "Strive for fame and wealth for the official, generation is very vexed, yu Shimo of celestial being home is contended for, free immensity, I wish celestial being. I wish celestial being..
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