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The story of tooth relic of Buddha
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Go to from the atonic cabinet of hill of high mountain eyebrow right travel, along the Shi Ti that very tall Gu Nan sets off one another one pace ground mountaineers, hole of transient Bai Long, can see Na Jinbi is brilliant before long temple of old like planetarium holy life all ages. In temple of that all ages, displaying a very beautiful yellow tooth relic of Buddha, common says to resemble tooth fossil. To it, have a fabulous story of a China and sri lanka.
This is the thing a lot of years ago, the sri lanka in those days calls Ceylon, the division in Ceylon the outskirts of human relations slope, have the cloud hill temple of cover of a greenery, there are a lot of old monks to had gone to China in the temple Buddhist one of 4 names hill hill of high mountain eyebrow. The bonze that they often talk about hill of high mountain eyebrow to go up how heart bright, the chain of mountains that often talks about hill of high mountain eyebrow to go up how beautiful, grand, deep and serene, mysterious. One has done not have the bonze of youthful Yun Ken of hill of high mountain eyebrow, like to listen to old monk most people place hill of Tan E eyebrow, admiring hill of this celestial being from inside the heart secretly.
Lay between some year of celestial bodies, bonze of this Yun Ken built up road endowment, clear away good drive a vehicle, left family member, the set out on a journey of direction of hill of high mountain eyebrow that faces China. Can go before long, the foot goes painful. Await in those day, do not have highway already, do not have railroad again, want quickly, how to do again? He does not wish degenerative, not hesitate heavy gold bought an elephant to ride, ignore hill tall great distance, ground of from a great distance hurries on with his journey.
Elephant is symbolizing in Ceylon majestic and exalted, the country has major event powwow, often by dress of elephant a suit of armour, dress up colourfully, ordinal platoon becomes the cue of colour spot calumniate, the front row that goes in the team convoys.
Since elephant so get respect, although Yun Ken bonze cherishs the elephant that buys so well. Feed elephant everyday 300 jins of grass, 200 jins of water, but every talent takes more than 40 lis of routes. Yun Ken bonze arrived a cloister of Indian country downward when, that elephant is tired exhausted, water quantity, careless quantity decreases greatly.
This day of morning, the cloud agrees and read elephant along the body that taking overworked, elephant is tired very pitiful, the heart that goes to China has some shook, wandering in that cloister, waveringly. Suddenly he discovers to engraving on the wall: "1000 hill 10 thousand water, do not block go highing the devotional heart of eyebrow hill. " this handwriting is very familiar, the master emperor that is this Yun Ken bonze bright write? Look again carefully, inscribe is careless as expected write " emperor bright " 2 words.
Yun Ken bonze sees this marvelous word, go sturdily highing the confidence of eyebrow hill, enhanced power, because he adores emperor most bright master. Allegedly, bright master is in emperor cloud hill temple builds moment to come, should see emperor bright master goes Indian go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, had still interviewed China the Tang Dynasty Where is monk? So, the friendly feelings of the bonze of the bonze of cloud hill temple and China is the deepest. So, yun Ken bonze immediately master emperor bright this holy word is copied go up in the notebook, write down in the bottom of the heart, pulling elephant to work mount way.
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