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Butterfly faery
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A lot of years before, on the hillock of look up high mountain of the foot of a mountain of high mountain eyebrow, living one Wei Xiaodie's woman, a few lis person knows circumference she is diligent, beautiful good girl. Her neighbour home has a young man that makes Yu Lang, bigger than her a year old. Two people are brought up together, an amuse oneself, go up together hill makes a surname, you help me, I help you, early with respect to be on intimate terms. Yu Lang says: "Be not Xiao Die to be not married. " Xiao Die says: "Be not Yu Lang to be not married. " two people are ordered so fell lifelong.
The father that who tells Xiao Die is a feudal head, he says whats forbid daughter illicit to order marriage. Think this is to rot door wind, asked woman matchmaker introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Mom to look for a marriage additionally to the daughter instantly, male is a below hill of 2 high mountain having a youthful appearance that makes Ai Qiu.
Ai Qiu is early know Xiao Die is a handsome girl, a long delay may cause trouble of for fear that, woman matchmaker said not to arrive 7 days to be greeted with respect to piping and drumming kissed. Xiao Die goes all out not to agree to death, blubber. In the end still is worn to rise by a few strong young man, a place of strategic importance enters Hua Jiao.
Xiao Die's girl cries all the way half alive, sad sound makes a high mountain low first, make large tree also gives out the sound of toot. Blast is blown, send the cry of Xiao Die's girl often far old far. The Yu Lang that a surname is making below hill of high mountain eyebrow heard, drop Chai Dao, carrying pole, spank downhill, the edge runs to cry by the side of: "Xiao Die's little sister, I come! " this call is passed in Hua Jiao, xiao Die's girl does not cry, stamp of stamp one's foot, must the bridal sedan chair stops cannot, carry how can the person of litter agree? They still run rapidly. Heart of Xiao Die's girl one horizontal stroke, contest jumped out from inside litter, toward Yu Lang the direction of call runs quickly.
Xiao Die and jade man just encounter, ai Qiu's person was chased after. How to do? Do not have other way, have desert only. Not a little while, xiao Die is tired suffocative come, yu Lang is forced to will be like butterfly back to be on the body, gallop on hill. Gradually, they swung pursuant people, see far in front a cave, without giving thought to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, hid.
This cave is different and so general, be called the hole that encounter celestial being, there is an insect big celestial being in the hole that encounter celestial being, showing multicoloured aureola all over. Insect big celestial being listens the lot that Xiao Die's girl told them, sighed deeply, shake shake one's head say: "The world is much rougher, but I also cannot was in charge of so much. Want to know I am insect big celestial being, simply insect world, cannot run the world! Cannot run the world!!
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