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High mountain eyebrow 4 female figures
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Once upon a time, outside Ximen of county of high mountain eyebrow, have on the west slope temple. Have a year, a grey-haired old painter, of from a great distance come to here, the requirement lives in the temple, on the west of slope temple manage bonze have sb in one's care he. Chair bonze from a child to like painting and calligraphy, after a considerable period of time, issued deep friendship with old painter knot. A day, wind He Rili, green Liu Di hangs down, the painter invites bonze to be the same as You Leshan Wu Yousi. Bonze is laughing to decline say: "Here has a few lis of ways from Le Shan, want time one day back and forth, very no-go. " the painter sees bonze does not go, went alone. Be less than kongfu a long time he came back. Still bring back a few pieces of Wu Yousi's pictures send bonze. Bonze from a child likes calligraphy and painting, in the heart very glad. In the meantime, also feel strange, why doesn't the artists arrive a long time to swim Wu Yousi came back? This mystery bonze is guessed all the time not.
Passed a few days again, the artists will to bonze leave, pay board and lodging fee. Bonze insists not to close. The painter sees bonze does not wish to receive fund, remember bonze likes a painting abruptly, take out inkstone of paper pen and ink to say to bonze: "You do not receive fund, then I draw a few pieces of pictures to send you, " bonze listened, be filled with joy. Differ meeting, the painter has painted 4 pictures. Each go up to draw the girl that is a beauty. Of the first picture is one wears green garment green skirt, the girl in gauze of a white wraps around on the head; Of the 2nd picture is one wears Gong Yigong skirt, the girl in gauze of a green wraps around on the head; Of the 3rd picture is one wears blue garment blue skirt, the girl in gauze of a yellow wraps around on the head; Of the 4th picture is one wears yellow garment yellow skirt, the girl in a gules gauze wraps around on the head. Because say beautiful girl makes beautiful woman in ancient time, so the painter is 4 pictures autograph " beautiful women 4 female figures " . The painter gives bonze the picture, say: "You put the picture in the case, after waiting seventy-seven thousand three hundred and ninety-nine days, take again hang. " after the painter goes, bonze thinks, so good picture is put in the case too regrettablly, why to hang let everybody view and admire view and admire? Hang these 4 pictures in visitor hall then. A day, bonze come back from outside. See suddenly 4 girls are sitting in visitor hall to say josh laugh. Bonze looks at these a few girls very it is very look familiar, strange to feel again, these a few girls had not seen when a moment ago going out! Ask: "You a few girls is to come does You Miao still do obeisance to Buddha? " 4 girls not answer, it is Xi Xi ground is laughing to run outside only. At this moment, bonze discovers the beautiful girl on on the wall 4 pictures disappeared suddenly. 4 girls that run out so draw namely ah! Then, bonze is chased after at the back. 3 elder sisters run quickly, run in front went, 4 younger sister run slow, pull at the back. Elder sisters look later, see 4 younger sister still are from the back, stop wait for her. At this moment, bonze has overtaken the skirt that captured her, want to pull her to go back. Extricate oneself of not to be exposed to of 4 younger sister, cry: "Eldest sister, 2 elder sister, 3 elder sister, will quickly save me! " 3 elder sisters see 4 younger sister are stalled by bonze do not put, scold angrily: "This bonze is true not bashful! " because 4 younger sister are lain between far, hear only " not bashful " 3 words, think elder sisters are scolding her, be ashamed is gotten all over the face bright red, feel too ashamed to show one's face, become a mountain peak immediately. Bonze did not see a girl suddenly, a big hill appeared however before, the heart thinks, you turn hill into me also defending you by, anyway cannot let slip you. 3 elder sisters see 4 younger sister grew a mountain, also become 3 hill to waiting for her. Later, bonze dies by hill, turned a porcelain into arhat, still defending hill. People built a temple over child, cry " porcelain Buddha temple " . 4 mountain peak that 4 sisters become, one compares a beauty.
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