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9 old holes encounter Kang Xi strange
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Ascend the throng of Kang Xi's emperor 60 years, err lives 9 important matters. Allegedly among them one is the Xu Shu that the fault sealed this to become celestial being.
A year of summer, kang Xi's emperor is small take come to hill of high mountain eyebrow. Swim after a few temple, he listens to person cloud scenery of 9 old holes is chic, the great rejoicing in the heart, go straight 9 old holes.
But he just visited 9 old mouth of a cave, see suddenly all over the eccentric of dirt retention from the one lighten in the hole, made deferentially to him bow with hands clasped to, path: "Kang Xi's Budda is early! " he is astonied, the heart thinks, I am small take south below thousands of lis, nobody can be known I, descend to the world of Budda of usually sign crack oneself up, he can is informed how again. Ask: "Who are you? How is knowing me Kang Xi? ". That person laughs: "I can not know how, I am the Xu Shu of period of the Three Kingdoms, here await respectively you more than 1000 years? " Kang Xi's emperor is dark eat one Jing, the heart thinks millenarian still be in, is it possible that did you become celestial being to won't do? He is thinking so say, see his eyebrow is several inches long suddenly, fingernail grows feet beyond, it is unkempt, yell path: "Alas ah, more than 1000 years, you is this old is ghost still in? You is this old is ghost still in??
Xu Shu waited more than 1000 years, seeing Kang Xi seal him is an old ghost, feel unlucky, not throat, turn around the body answers 9 old holes.
Kang Xi sees state, know him a slip of the tongue, but also cannot redeem, repent extremely in the heart, interest in going on an excursion is immediately devoid, went downhill along with guard.
Allegedly Xu Shu is sealed after old ghost, the hope lists celestial being class again, still suffer from refine in the mortify in 9 old holes all the time.

Pick from Wu Zhangxiang " elfland of high mountain eyebrow "

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