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Cereal of joy of hot spring of hill of high mountain eyebrow appears on Nationa
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On September 30, "Cereal of joy of hot spring of hill of high mountain eyebrow " appear formally in beauty spot of hill of high mountain eyebrow, this is mining of deepness of scene area afterwards " the first hill of Chinese " culture resource, after making new Jin Ding successfully, around make high eyebrow hill is become " sightseeing is recreational go vacationing the heaven of preserve one's health " target, the project of contemporary and recreational recreation that rolls out with great quantity, this also is the thematic park that home is a kernel first times with hot spring. It is reported, cereal of hot spring joy is core with the radon hot spring with high grade hill of high mountain eyebrow, cent is recreational, act art, experience area of 3 big functions, include fitness of SPA of the meal on bathhouse of preserve one's health of the Eden on water, wushu, celestial bodies, water, outdoors experience, literary evening party, forest, gem gal to wait for project of 30 many recreation, suit group of different age, sexual distinction. As we have learned, only on September 30, cereal of hot spring joy welcomes on the tourist 10 thousand people, arrive from grey-haired old person early childhood children, one Zhang Zhangxiao face, a laugh, correct path is: Day joyous ground is joyous male joyous female joyous together joyous, will happily go happily joyous joyous; Old Le Shaole you are happy I am happy everybody is happy, happy a Le Jinle is happy. Advisory phone: 400- - 8196- - 333