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Chengdu business signs up for: Neat innovation of tourist of big Buddha of happ
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The reporter does know from holiday of happy hill city yesterday, le Shan welcomes domestic and international visitor in all during October 1st golden week this year nine hundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred person-time, than last year the corresponding period grows 3.1% , implementation travel gross earnings 416 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 8.3% .

The National Day golden week this year is the first golden week after shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, also be the first golden week after national holiday policy is adjusted. According to Le Shan the holiday does the introduction, whole town travel recieves quantity and travel gross earnings to show tourist of group of growth trend, tourism to drop dot of travel of self-help tourist grow in quantity, countryside warms up continuously.

As we have learned, the tourist distributings in each tourist attraction during the golden week not all. Big Buddha of happy hill of core scene area - tourist of hill of high mountain eyebrow is embraced in great quantities, successive 3 days all are in above of 30 thousand person, area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow reachs 40 thousand person even, area of two great respect recieves a quantity to all achieve the history new tall. And partial scene area is relatively disengaged, effect does not have balanced play. Also existing in interior of area of big Buddha scene the tourist distributings not all circumstance. A large number of tourists stop Buddha head is taken, the government that gives scene area safe, order brings great pressure, but the tourist attraction visitor such as museum of grave of cliff of unit hemp grand, Wu Yousi is protected in cultural relic of national level key relatively few and far between, scene area travel is integrated benefit cannot very good play.

Chief of bureau of tourism of happy hill city expresses, travel of city of happy henceforth hill develops the job to want to catch good travel circuitry to plan as a whole mainly, function of travel of town of aggrandizement along the line, build a batch of travel small towns that have distinguishing feature alone, urge a visitor reasonable flow and distributing, alleviate core scene area recieves pressure.