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Renown hill adds a garden name garden famous spring
Force of bend of hill o
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After the National Day, a lot of people go to work the first thing, bask in the photograph of own golden week on computer namely, a few people that travel to hill of high mountain eyebrow happen to coincide regarded mobile phone or computer as the photograph of cereal of joy of hot spring of hill of high mountain eyebrow " cover " , make oneself constant recollect that momently the days of happy to one's heart's content.
Cereal of joy of hot spring of hill of high mountain eyebrow is beauty spot of hill of high mountain eyebrow afterwards makes China " the first hill " after another carry a vessel make, happy cereal always covers an area of a face to accumulate 770 thousand square metre, there is cent to be area of 5 big themes inside, it is the thematic park that home is core first times with hot spring. Of happy cereal make, make high eyebrow hill is become noisy truly praise domestic and international " sightseeing is recreational go vacationing the bethel that Fu Qiuxiang of the heaven of preserve one's health, pray purifies the heart " .
Happy cereal with " healthy joy " give priority to melody, in order to high the radon water hot spring with eyebrow peculiar hill is a kernel, layout area of 5 big themes: Preserve one's health of dreamy hot spring, wushu, clever beautiful theater, go vacationing accommodation and shopping centers. On project setting, absorb adequately a few more domestic and international the successful experience of thematic park, be aimed at the characteristic of different age group, main component visits an area for 3: Romantic and happy area, sanatorium area of peace and happiness, little You Le area.
Romantic and happy area, suit masses crowd, especially youth. On the base that retains characteristic hot spring, new introduced the item such as mahjong of arenaceous spring of mud therapy, Sha Diao, mine, hot spring, let a tourist can experience distinctive hot spring to enjoy; Cate lane is in let a guest be in get body and mind is enjoyed when, contented food reachs the demand of other cate to fruit, barbecue. In the meantime, still can attend the bonfire evening party that holds on the weekend.
Sanatorium area of peace and happiness, group of the old age in suiting, silvan starlight hot spring, fitness of SPA of silvan hot spring, gem gal, the different experience such as wushu preserve one's health lets you can be in those who be far from a city is blatant in enjoy halcyon, the experience lives.
Little You Le area, it is the project that designs technically for child place, pressing plate, leather oarage, the motor on the volleyball on the Pan Ya on water, water, water, touch meet a ship, establishment of beneficial wisdom recreation lets the children such as the bicycle on yacht, water children gets taking exercise in game, reveal Tong Zhen.
Cereal of joy of hot spring of hill of high mountain eyebrow justs to appear during National Day, drew 10 thousand people to chase after hold in both hands, become Cheng Yu two ground are numerous and successful personage on the weekend " Eden " .
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