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Sichuan is online, Sichuan daily: Tourist of not pocket the money one picks up
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(the author: Wu Jian) on October 1 morning at 9 o'clock, live in crossing of beautiful hot spring of spirit of area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow to dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland village 5 groups individual manage a Zhou Jianming to welcoming a visitor in his shop. Abruptly, he discovers to there is little shopping bag of a yellow on bar. Half hour went very quickly, still do not see owner of lost property come back claim. Zhou Jianming stops helper head to work, send center of scene area passenger transport to complain a station the handbag, seek owner of lost property through broadcast, but a hour went to still do not have a result.

Fast namely, zhou Jianming sends scene area police station the handbag again, police station policeman opens a shopping bag, there is the article such as Id of owner of lost property, cash inside discovery. Original owner of lost property is rich nation of area of dam of Chongqing city sanded level ground the lawyer Wang Qi of attorney office. Area of dam of as sanded as Chongqing city level ground is general on policeman horse law-abiding bureau gets in touch, ask Chongqing police help to seek owner of lost property. Very fast, chongqing police discovered the family of owner of lost property. Afternoon 6 when, in scene district police station, the author saw the Wang Qi that returns claim handbag. His feeling says greatly: Although the ready money in the bag is not much, but the quality that can see person of hill of high mountain eyebrow, especially current society, the spirit with urgent place of this kind of urgent tourist is very commendable, I should thank Sichuan good person, acknowledgment scene area led education to give so good employee. Should reward with cash Zhou Jianming, was politelied decline by Zhou Jianming.

2 days afternoon 3 when, hill of high mountain eyebrow is in charge of appoint meeting administration does vice director Liu Shaorong to receive telephone call of a tourist, the designation in the phone should thank He Dejun of director of field of scene area ski. So 2 days morning, he Dejun goes ski field goes to work, in ski field entry point is picked up a pink handbag, he reckons the likelihood is to a moment ago stopped here plate is the Chongqing guest of change word begin to lose, called a staff member to taking a bag to wait in place. As expected, the car after 10 minutes advocate hurried back come, handbag return sth to its owner in good condition.