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Ovine wall evening paper: The static heart of banquet of pray blessing fast is
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The hill of high mountain eyebrow of autumn especially attractive

Recommend reason:

The hill of high mountain eyebrow that regards given name of our country Buddha as one of hill, the public figure that draws large quantities of sincere ceremony Buddha every year heads for pilgrimage pray blessing. The heroic posture of Buddha of golden top gold makes a person be filled with deep esteem, side side transmits the ceremony Buddha sound of Song of class of monk morning evening, buddha footprint everywhere but abide, what you can feel long-unseen heart here is halcyon. Celebrated Shan Suzhai cannot miss global high mountain the top margin of a page more. Annual the part of hot spring of ice and snow that winter holds is to take you to appreciate hill of high mountain eyebrow more " the hot spring below hill, the summit watchs snow " double charm.

Recommend a tourist attraction:

Hill of high mountain eyebrow is the bethel of ascetic all the time from of old. It is early before 5000, the yellow emperor of thill of ancestor a small room of an ancient name for China highs with respect to two eyebrow hill asks, 1000 old before, innocent emperor person talks hill of high mountain eyebrow, this is Taoism the excessive wine cup in hill of high mountain eyebrow. And before 1900, a Nazarite is after the courtyard of the first buddhist that highs eyebrow hill built drainage area of the Yangtse River, hill of high mountain eyebrow made the Buddhist home of catchment of the Yangtse River, include Chinese buddhism 4 names hill. Today, the source that dripping to, Buddha still flows in the hematic arteries and veins of hill of high mountain eyebrow only then, Confucianism the charm of 3 involuntary discharge of urine that teach deep culture, the wisdom of the elegant and easy philosophy that reflecting life and life.

You can be taken telpher and direct head for Jin Ding. 1000 renown hill support, jin Ding, deduce the beautiful acme of high mountain eyebrow. Jin Ding is known as " the grandest view scene stage on the world " , when the rays of morning or evening sunshine of early morning treasure of beamed figure of Buddha supports, golden auspicious cloud is reflexed from Jin Fo come, set for the sea of clouds went up the Phnom Penh of magnificent, let you feel palace of the Buddhist in place oneself cloud, colorful and magical. Jin Ding still is the largest Buddhist pilgrimage center on the world, it is Pu Xian Bodhisattva shows the place of the photograph, have the highest Jin Fo on the world, and the biggest metal on the world is built group.

Jin Ding is the assemble of tourist attraction of hill of high mountain eyebrow and cloister, person and nature are here harmony gets along, it is Pu Xianhang wish and the confluence of people happiness wish.
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