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Many 3000 drive oneself within an inch of blocked hill of high mountain eyebrow
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Be hot! Be hot! National Day is big yesterday false the 4th day, "5 · 12 " the setting of tourist big blowout that sees inaccessibly after shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River appears in hill of high mountain eyebrow. It is reported, tourist of area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow recieves a quantity to achieve Shi Xingao of odd-numbered days all previous again, achieve forty thousand four hundred person-time, grow 25.9% compared to the same period. The hill that supporting to gold from Lei Dongping on the road, the tourist stream of occurrence thick.

While energy of life of person of hill of high mountain eyebrow goes tall, area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow is in charge of appoint can express, scene area is driven oneself yesterday swim make one large window, enter scene area drive oneself achieve many 3000. But these drove to also bring enormous pressure to scene area traffic oneself, create partial a section of a highway very embrace. Introduce according to participating in the concerned personage of dredge that day, the car as the park on scene area roadside is increasing, begin to pass through with respect to narrower scene area road originally not free, and park drives oneself most 0 kilometers cannot pass through for a time to Lei Dongping a section of a highway. After via scene area the force such as constituent armed police, policeman, road politics undertakes dredge, to last night much at 7 o'clock, the road inside scene area restores expedite, the passenger that is stayed in is all and scattered. Eaves of Cai of Li Xiao of reporter Ding Wei