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" search celestial being " the travel that highs eyebrow mountain gold carries
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Find the stay away from home of celestial being

Elfland of high mountain eyebrow

15 days, gold of mountain of high mountain eyebrow carries colourful Yang Gaozhao on the head, 10 3 audience hall, world's highest Pu Xianjin resemble gold of top of gold of the highest peak in a mountain range, silver-colored, copper, 4 old wonderful view show sea of clouds and Buddha light together. Net of 3D of money of Tecent banner right-hand seat swims your work " search celestial being " the shock releases Shan Jinding of Yu E eyebrow now.
13 days - 15 days, " search celestial being " software of Fang Xiangsu of product research and development, operation square Tecent is interactive recreation, culture of travel of An Tongyuan international transmits a company, numerous core media and Intel strategy partner participate in the brigade that highs eyebrow searchs celestial being this, with on 10 thousand You Shan's guests collective testimony net swims the advent of Chinese wind times.
Regard as the article of Chinese ancient time with raw ingredient of Chinese traditional myth, former juice the network game of melt into setting, " search celestial being " this will fair over the Jinding of high mountain eyebrow that measures culture of world of news briefing park and natural heritage land, when reproducing the ancients to search celestial being, those are like the charming artistic concept of unreal like the dream, the scene with attractive hill of high mountain eyebrow, take everyone into the state of male beautiful strange unreal!