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Chinese local speciality net: China lifts precious rare green tea " bud of snow
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This year early spring, chinese precious rare green tea " bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " sweet wave market of Chinese spring tea, appear on the market in and other places of Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Sichuan, already gave out heat like the weather that warms up with each passing day, precious rare green tea was lifted in China " bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " popular and drinkable heat, make many famous tea brands colourful admire.

In March 2006, produce the tea brand from beauty spot of hill of high mountain eyebrow " bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " come out namely " amaze the people with a single brilliant feat " . Only 3 months, namely flourish is ascended " consumer of Chinese tea market is satisfactory 10 beautiful brand " head of a list of names posted up. Spent 3 months again, have the honor to win " exposition of China International tea " green tea kind exclusive " special gold prize " . In October 2007, this brand more the name of first China organic tea that has the honor to win fair of trade of tea of the 4th China International to hold actors or actress the top prize of tea appraise through comparison -- special gold prize, it is the trademark that the whole nation obtains this special honour exclusively, make the central point that industry of domestic and international tea pays close attention to.

The character of tea, it is the soul of brand tea, the actor bad of its zoology environment, decided the relative superiority or inferiority of character again. "Bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " produce be judged to be by U.N. oneself " the whole world is outstanding zoology scene area " beauty spot of hill of high mountain eyebrow, its Zhuo Er not group first-class organisms' habits, be pregnant with it is inherent beautiful simple outstanding character. They are far from modern industry pollution and radiate, the pure zoology environment that Song of the particular Xue Song inside scene area, rain, Xue Ji constitutes, offerred the element such as the soil that high grade tea grows, fountainhead, air. Make of place oneself meantime " bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " brew dark sweet, article decorous, grain is pure. Distinctive culture inheritance, plus tradition and modern engineering technology, the quality safety that conforms with international standard always accuses to govern quality, the sanitarian function of rare reachs the price of moderate, favor by consumer.

Hill of high mountain eyebrow is China and world feral one of birthplace of ancient tea. "Bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " only then Yu Chuzhao, hear Yu Hanjin, hair at Sui Tang, great reputation two the Song Dynasty. It is early when Sui Tang period, "Bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " already included royalty tribute tea. Land of because the Song Dynasty is acting great poet swims " Xue Ya highs eyebrow is gotten oneself nearly, do not decrease red bag to consider Zhu Chun " , bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow becomes capital a story pasted on with approval then, adore of all without exception of guest of Chinese ink of photograph of general of princes and dukes, bookman. After 100000, area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow this one hoard the mining of recipe of preserve one's health 2500 comes out, "Bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " reputation once more magpie rises, become a new force of a new force suddenly rises of army group of Sichuan tea trade. To this, scenery of hill of eyebrow of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, high mountain scenic spot the area is in charge of appoint Ma Yuanzhu of division of president of Inc. of travel of hill of eyebrow of secretary of conference Party committee, high mountain, advanced economy expresses, "Bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " precious rare green tea, the ancestor that is God and wisdom leaves our valuable resource and culture legacy, come out to came 2000, deduce those who formed empty Ling Junyi culture of camellia of high mountain eyebrow, unbroken through the ages, inheritance up to now. "Bud of snow of high mountain eyebrow " it is world nature and hill of eyebrow of culture bequest high mountain the one part of two great legacy. We caress it meticulously, dedicate it to common people, the healthy career of benefit mankind.
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