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Red autumnal leaves of high mountain eyebrow waves Nanjing street
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On October 11, 12 days, by Jiangsu " contemporary wall bulletin " , " Jiangsu city net " , area of scene of channel of hill of high mountain eyebrow, 9 stockaded village of syndicate " allow travel hand in hand volunteer, we are Sichuan people " the brigade of Nanjing reader love is gone to plain travel recommends an activity, pull open in square of Nanjing buy ground prelusive.

The brigade of this second love will set out on October 29, cent is two lines, it is respectively: Chengdu - hill of high mountain eyebrow - happy Shandafo - Jiang Yan and Chengdu - channel of 9 stockaded village - Huang Long - Jiang Yan. The proper motion when the tourist signs up chooses set route, " contemporary wall bulletin " and " Jiangsu city net " dog whole journey report this second love activity, the scarf that advocate and organizes a tourist to prepare his adorns to the children of disaster area with one's own hands, send Qiu Dong's warmth to them, and love experience of the tourist will appear to go up in Jiangsu city net entirely.
Mobile spot, he Jian of undersecretary of ministry of sale of division of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow was accepted " contemporary wall bulletin " interview, staff member and volunteer distributed scene area a large number of with " fall red autumnal leaves " an album of paintings of product of hill of high mountain eyebrow that is main characteristic, for a short while, whole square, high eyebrow hill red autumnal leaves is waved, evil spirit it is provoking! (Wu Sheng)