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Sichuan is online - Sichuan daily: Area of safe and elegant scene of hill of hi
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Report from our correspondent (Wu Jian) yesterday is " 11 " the golden week the 4th day, area of safe, elegant scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow is greeted. Up to yesterday (2) day afternoon 4 when, scene area already recieved 111 thousand person-time, with grew 6.7% compared to the same period last year, the tourist that comes from area of country and the Taiwan such as Indonesian, Singapore, Japan and England, France, HongKong and Macow grows 4.5% compared to the same period. Achieve new record of travel of hill of eyebrow of the high mountain after shake again.

As a result of the adjustment of holiday, make the travel case this year appears an as different as in former years characteristic. The short distance that comes from Chengdu periphery comes loose the guest increases in great quantities, and of and other places of the Chongqing of Sichuan periphery, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Hunan drive to increase than in former years oneself 50% , only on October 1, many nearly 5000 drive oneself hill of eyebrow of invade high mountain.

Come true to ensure the festival travels " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 unified targets, scene area is in charge of appoint can elaborate preparation, careful arrangement. direct of assume personal command.

According to scene area Huang Wan digitlizes hall controller to introduce: "Scene area installed 200 many numbers to photograph in entire mountain like the head, to highing eyebrow hill travels the circumstance undertakes all-around monitoring, where tourist is centered, where car is concentrated, can be in master for a short while, answer quickly; And hill of high mountain eyebrow contains entirely on car of many 200 sightseeing GPS navigation system, data directs what the center masters car at any time to move, locomotive circumstance, convenient attemper. Convenient attemper..

The hall serves in the tourist, on 1000 tourists are discharging orderly cue, hold electronic entrance ticket ordinal brush card to enter hill, travel order is busy and not random. Mountain pass is taken in 0 kilometers, scene area staff member to drive car each times to extend to safe caution gets stuck and publicize a data oneself, remind tourist safety travel. Chun Yan of Shanghai tourist Liu says: "Come before Sichuan also somebody persuades us not to come, but came fortunately, cannot see hill of high mountain eyebrow otherwise still pretty picture, hill of high mountain eyebrow not only safe, and management very reach the designated position. And management very reach the designated position..
It is reported, to meet National Day golden week, scene area manages service window unit to create service station of volunteer of communist, youth each in entire mountain 19, offer for tourist seek advice freely to serve and provide free boiled water. Install 25 to call the police inside scene area dot, bring 4 flow into play to serve newspaper patron wagon, 24 hours serve for tourist.

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