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Hill of high mountain eyebrow, happy hill, Shi Xianghu swims 3 days
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The first day of Chengdu - Le Shan - hill of high mountain eyebrow

Chengdu sets out to Le Shan, visit museum of happy landscape brilliant, the world tours after lunch the biggest sit Buddha: 9 temple of happy Shandafo, reach the clouds, a plank road built along a cliff, big Xiong Baodian, clever pagoda, east slope reads building, buddha country heaven. Hill of high mountain eyebrow is gone to after.
Old: Hill of high mountain eyebrow

High the following day eyebrow hill

Make an appointment with after breakfast 5: 30 by cableway (at one's own expenses) or support to gold on foot, 10 lamp of light of view sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha, emperor, Jin Dian, Buddha, center of government of visiting world highest buddhism, 10: 00 the left and right sides multiplies trainset (at one's own expenses) support to 10 thousand Buddha, from Lei Dongping the parking lot multiplies sightseeing car to visit Taoist or Buddhish rites of Pu Xian Bodhisattva to all ages temple, visit all ages temple, white snake ascetic the white snake hole that becomes spirit, atonic cabinet, voiceless sound makes the same score the day of lake, a gleam of, China that browse area of monkey of the biggest natural zoology, redound country temple is returned by the car after play monkey
Old: Hill of high mountain eyebrow

Hill of eyebrow of the 3rd day of high mountain - Shi Xianghu - Chengdu

Hill of high mountain eyebrow sets out to watch fragrant flower of the root-tuber of aromatic turmeric, rose to reach a variety of flowers, You Hu to admire to Shi Xianghu by the car scene, absorb oxygen on foot, taste tea recreation of card of recreational, chess, fly a kite.