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The Zhu Hai austral eyebrow of new high mountain, Sichuan swims 3 days
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The first day of Chengdu - Le Shan - hill of high mountain eyebrow - Chengdu

Early 6:30 the left and right sides sets out from Chengdu, via arriving at Le Shan into happy high speed; The tourist attraction such as 9 temple of big Buddha of the Le Shan that browse, reach the clouds, clever pagoda, a plank road built along a cliff. Famous happy Shandafo is located at Le Shan the city is the Min river east, Qing Yijiang, big cross fill place of 3 rivers converge, be one honour the authentic that depend on hill is become, unrivaled giant lapidarian Maitreya sits Buddha, tell 71 meters tall, head 14.7 meters long, head 24 rice, ear grow 10 meters wide, shoulder breadth 7 rice, instep are wide the world the biggest Buddha that the 8.5 Le Shan big Buddha of rice become be worthy of consequently, lunch hind heads for hill of high mountain eyebrow, tourist car of change scene division reachs parking lot of all ages temple, head for all ages temple of half half way up the mountain by cableway, by cableway (40 yuan are not contained) on all ages temple, after visitting all ages temple, head for on foot visit atonic cabinet, day of a gleam of, zoology monkey area, come on foot 5 show hillock, by sightseeing car downhill (can return again after dinner, according to other visitor opinion) , change trailer coach returns Chengdu, when needing about half hours) controlled at 9 o'clock in the evening about return Chengdu, end the journey.
Old: Chengdu

The following day Chengdu - the Zhu Hai austral Sichuan

Set out reach a nation sea of first Nazhu of Sichuan of —— of area of AAAA stage travel. Walk into the Zhu Hai austral Sichuan, if smoke is like,walked into the sea, fresh and green the green bamboo world that is about to drip. The Zhu Hai austral Sichuan swims after lunch, ramble is on the red carpet with emerald natural a covered corridor or walk, cool breeze sways, bamboo movie dancing; Ascend the building that watch the sea to watch bamboo sea panorama, the Zhu Hai austral Sichuan outside the natural scenery besides rich Qingli of primitive simplicity, the contain of celestial being of —— of religious culture resort of syncretic of the say buddhism that still has ” of bright phearl of “ bamboo sea, Taoism hole; Tian Baozhai is pulled get the better of, one husband of experience “ should close, the imposing manner of ” of Mo Kai of 10 thousand husbands, view “ 36 plan anaglyph of ” carved stone is recalled ancient today; Historic site of long historical cultural relic sets off one another between green hill green water, the brigade of sea of the bamboo austral your Sichuan is richer mystery and the appeal that are far from this world; Go boating Hai Zhonghai of —— of the Zhu Hai austral Sichuan (at one's own expenses 40 yuan / ) , search " lie Hu Canglong " the ground, experience boat is drawing the feeling of middle reaches in the pedestrian in water.
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