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Fire of ice of hill of Xue Mane eyebrow is double fire of ice of hill of eyebrow
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Circuit characteristic:  lens mu Bei of  of  of protein avoid sword falls clump of fill of miscellaneous?ldquo; of tip of  of  of sneer of the Huang that respect Peng is like mu of  argent coral, song Sha uses up green jade to cultivate silver to spend ” to describe, ice and snow is enclothed go up in different greenery, fill lease of life, 1000 appearance 100 condition, the glacial branch that glittering and translucent get rid of shows, the tree of Yin Guangshan bright is hanged, group of snow-white peaks, silver-coated ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes, as if Lou Yuyu fining jade, elfland is general.
Hill of eyebrow of hiemal high mountain, climate is stable, sunshine is much, it is the good season that watchs the marvellous spectacle such as light of sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha, afterglow. If favour witnesses Buddha Guang Chengxiang, that is more lucky.
Field of ski of thunder hole level ground is happy breeding ground, slideway gallop hire, the dog drags sled, snowball, snowball, extremely.
Atonic cabinet is taken always is mist wind around, green hill drop is emerald green, green Shui Yangbo, the scenery does not reduce summer.
Beautiful hot spring of China's biggest hot spring spirit is reeky, warmth if spring, people is wearing a swimsuit, to the top of one's bent paddle, what enjoy joy to the top of one's bent is cheerful, reaching the sky of ice and snow and hot tide day are outside the pool inside the pool hand in photograph reflect, double world ……

The first day of Chengdu - hill of high mountain eyebrow - all ages temple - atonic cabinet - zoology monkey area - dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland temple

In the morning:
Early morning Chengdu sets out about 2 hours 30 minutes to arrive at hill of high mountain eyebrow, in dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland after the public house that enters been book near the temple (you also can be booked beforehand) , in dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland center of temple passenger transport takes travel sightseeing car, about 40 minutes arrive at all ages parking lot, 15 minutes are made an appointment with to arrive at all ages temple by cableway after buying cableway ticket and You Shan ticket, all ages temple is one of cloister of 8 big focal points, only then build at Yuan Xi of the Eastern Jin dynasty 2 years, at the height of power and splendour of the burning incense inside cloister, a briefs 62 tons of can 7.85 meters high to call rare world national treasure again general that has Northen Song Dynasty virtuous bronze and all previous classics of bright generation for many times the earthquake still does not have Liang Zhuandian safe and soundly. Visit end, can sample inside cloister the fast of element of high mountain eyebrow of lubricious fragrance completely.

After lunch, along You Shan path about 1 hour can reach area of atonic cabinet scene, one of 3 big park of hill of eyebrow of the cave of ground white dragon that white a polite form of address for a young woman can visit to repair refine in road, high mountain Gu Delin. Although be severe winter, atonic cabinet takes meet the eye on every side verdant, snow of argent world of “ of hill of high mountain eyebrow is pure white, the incisively and vividly that green hill green water reflects in the characteristic of ” as before. The atonic water quality that make the same score a lake is pure, clear show a rough draft. Double bridge voiceless sound is beautiful as before, green hill green water forms plan of a natural landscape, the “ Shuang Fei of archaic poet two rainbow shadow, eternally one Niu Xin ” , drew up her charm. Visit end, along You Shan path about 30 minutes reach the throughout the country's biggest zoology monkey area, admire the elegant demeanour of king of beautiful clever boy. Return atonic cabinet along former road next. Edge brook arrives at the 5 parking lots that show hillock about 30 minutes, by travel sightseeing car arrives about 25 minutes dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland center of temple passenger transport. Enter a public house, rest a short while, can go to the urban district having all sorts of distinguishing feature fastfood “ is delicious ” of a street samples cate. Must go to China of Yu Wei “ next the bubble of clever beautiful hot spring of ” of the biggest outdoor radon hot spring one bubble, those who set his mind at to enjoy hot spring to bring is exclusive days of softness of hiemal of hill of Yu E eyebrow.
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