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High mountain steps the cloud to invite month of romantic the middle of forhead
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Circuit characteristic: Protein avoid all does Quan of Lu Mao ɡ wish?
The 15th day of a month of hill of high mountain eyebrow annulus autumn,
The shadow flows into smooth Qiang Jiang Shui.
Night sends clear brook Xiang Sanxia,
Sai Jun does not see Yu Zhou.
Month of hill of high mountain eyebrow, leave behind a good reputation since ancient times, the past dynasties poet that with Tang Dynasty great poet Li Bai heads has a special liking to month of hill of high mountain eyebrow, leave the line with a lot of people hep place. The most beautiful in this year night and domestic person friend reunite to enjoy the glorious full moon in hill of high mountain eyebrow, share family happiness. In hill of eyebrow of Buddhist shrine high mountain you still can be before Budda make next wishes, beatific close friends is healthy restful, good fortune as one wishes.
This circuitry chooses hill of high mountain eyebrow for you two place enjoy the glorious full moon admirably dot:
Wash as rear as the pool backer, shan Gaolin is close, widen in front, fir is forceful, mountain peak overlaps below, constant cloud and mist winds around, dan Yun mist not only cloak not moon, became instead foil brightly, moonlight more appear clear Li Jiaojie.
The month hangs Jin Dinghao high, all over the sky Qing Hui, 1000 hill moonlight, downy be like water, the China Tibet ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes below moon, lie 10 Yun Gu Buddhist templeput on the brakes, Pu Xiansheng are clear like silhouette, the person that swim is like absentminded enter wide cold heavenly palace.

In the morning:
Morning Chengdu sets out, about two hours arrive at hill of high mountain eyebrow, the 5 parking lots that show hillock are gone before center of scene area passenger transport takes a car, about 30 minutes arrive, begin the today's brigade that enjoy the glorious full moon, edge pavement sets out to all ages temple, color of hill of along the road is fresh and green, all around eyeful green, green, light green forms mountain green space, green heaven and earth, just be like landscape painting of a viridescence, diffusing green breath, make person summer heat pauses disappear. There are a lot of farmhouses between green hill green water happy, domestic environment grace searchs beside voiceless sound smooth lake farmhouse is happy, on bubble one cup of green bamboo snake solves satisfy one's thirst, cole of farmhouse of on the dot a few appearance has used lunch.
After lunch, edge voiceless sound makes the same score a lake to the travel before all ages temple, voiceless sound can be visited to make the same score hole of lake, atonic cabinet, Gu Delin, white dragon in road. The atonic water quality that make the same score a lake is pure, clear show a rough draft. Double bridge voiceless sound is beautiful as before, green hill green water forms plan of a natural landscape, the “ Shuang Fei of archaic poet two rainbow shadow, eternally one Niu Xin ” , drew up her charm. The consecrate inside white dragon hole has a variety of oolong tea of the Southern Song Dynasty, the Zhan Tan Lin of temple of the Bujinlin of the ” of “ Gu Delin by white dragon hole and volt tiger temple, big high mountain calls the 3 big park of hill of high mountain eyebrow. All ages temple arrives to visit after about one hour, all ages temple is hill of high mountain eyebrow one of cloister of 8 big focal points, only then build at Yuan Xi of the Eastern Jin dynasty 2 years, there is Northen Song Dynasty inside cloister connect 7.85 meters tall, make an appointment with 62 tons again, the Pu Xiantong that can calls rare world national treasure resembles all previous classics with bright generation for many times the earthquake still does not have Liang Zhuandian safe and soundly. Visit end, multiply cableway or reach all ages parking lot on foot, by travel sightseeing car heads for Lei Dongping.
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