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Into change panoramic elite swims 7 days
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Circuit characteristic: ň of  of irritated ぃ  is dark be stupefied? of Qiu of Tan of 1 of idle of  of  of Bo  milometer 3 revive ancestral temple - hill of high mountain eyebrow - Chongqing, look scene, read culture of content, understanding, history

The first day of Chengdu

After breakfast, will be apart from area of the Chengdu City of 18 kilometers be located in the Chengdu City east the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of outskirt Long Quan takes ancient garrison post, visit anise well to wait, sample sad bean jelly, return Chengdu afternoon next, head for the State Council first countrywide key cultural relic protects ancestral temple of Hou of unit —— fierce, experience where of ancestral temple of “ prime minister to search, bright and beautiful official is suburban the atmosphere of Bai Sensen ” , appreciate famed the culture of the Three Kingdoms at the world, can understand Zhu Geliang of — of character of famous the Three Kingdoms at the same time, spare no effort in the performance of one's duty, the legend lifetime of to the end of one's days.
Old: Chengdu

The following day Chengdu - gorge of green jade peak

The left and right sides set out from Chengdu at 8 o'clock in the morning, arrive at via becoming elegant high speed elegant how, head for gorge of green jade peak next, enter zoological garden of zoology of gorge of green jade peak, visit area of beast of prey by sightseeing car first, view lion, blackbear, tiger, wait for an animal, enter after that on foot area, wait for intimate contact with sika, monkey, birdie, there still is wonderful animal show in road, give you the surprise that expect is less than.
Old: Gorge of green jade peak

Gorge of peak of the 3rd day of green jade - happy Shandafo - hill of high mountain eyebrow

After breakfast, arrive by the car eyebrow hill 3 revive ancestral temple, this ancestral temple is period of Northen Song Dynasty (960 years - 1127) well-known writer Su Xun, su Shi, su Zhe father and son the former residence of 3 people. Be located in Sichuan to save southwest of eyebrow hill city inside travel of border gauze a bow drawn to the full. Yuan era changes to be ancestral temple curtilage, sacred 3 revive. Happy Shandafo arrives after lunch, watch the tourist attraction such as temple of big Buddha, reach the clouds.
Old: Hill of high mountain eyebrow

Hill of eyebrow of the 4th day of high mountain

By sightseeing the car reachs Lei Dongping after breakfast, on foot 1.5km arrives guide the Jin Ding on hall change cableway, see a sea of clouds, visit the desire all sides that is as high as 48 meters hall of 10 Bodhisattva resembling and gold, silver-colored, copper. High mountain eyebrow is visited after lunch half hill walks day of cabinet of area voiceless sound, a gleam of, view is feral the tourist attraction such as monkey area.
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