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Enjoy radon hot spring to high eyebrow hill is driven oneself swim infinite fun
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1, want to look: The historical culture of hill of eyebrow of shirt-sleeve high mountain and modern life style are recreational go vacationing the area dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland temple scene area. Winter of hill of high mountain eyebrow and north are very different, the tree of Yin Guangshan bright is hanged, group of snow-white peaks, silver-coated ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes, as if Lou Yuyu fining jade, elfland is general. Big Buddha of the world's greatest happy hill of figure of Buddha of archaic carved stone makes you acclaim as the peak of perfection.
2, want to play: Beautiful hot spring of China's biggest spirit of outdoor radon hot spring is reeky, warmth if spring, people is wearing a swimsuit, to the top of one's bent paddle, what enjoy joy to the top of one's bent is cheerful, reaching the sky of ice and snow and hot tide day are outside the pool inside the pool hand in photograph reflect, double world. Ski field slideway gallop hire, the dog drags sled, snowball, snowball makes you happy overturn the heavens.
3, want to eat: The nourishing small chaffy dish with cate delicate corridor and bean curd banquet. The ” of stockpot of beef of foot of “ lift up with flavour spy sweet soup. Assemble the delicious street with all sorts of fastfood characteristic. The vegetarian feast of high mountain eyebrow of lubricious fragrance completely. The meat and fish dishes of farmhouse hill potherb of farmhouse.
4, relaxed and happy: Chengdu - Le Shan - You Chengya of hill of high mountain eyebrow, connect into happy high speed, distance 150 kilometers, road condition is admirable.
Let us accompanying sunshine, driving love car, go highing eyebrow hill swims hot spring of a hill, bubble, taste cate, car shadow flits, all the way joyous song laughs language, all the way good intention affection.

The first day of Chengdu - hill of high mountain eyebrow (the first hill wells balanced - beautiful shell chute - rub cliff carved stone - Confucianism Shi Daowen changes a covered corridor or walk - Fu Hu temple - dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland temple - holy accumulating curfew - museum - tourist center - greet

In the morning: Chengdu - hill of high mountain eyebrow
Cheng Ya of morning Chengdu edge setting out, into happy high speed about 2 hours arrive at hill of high mountain eyebrow, can be in road before the memorial archway of hill of the world name of elegance of of primitive simplicity group photo is reluctant to leave. Enter dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland near the temple after the hotel, lunch can high the cate corridor of eyebrow hill big public house samples nourishing small chaffy dish or bean curd banquet,

After lunch, visit along You Shan path dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland the temple is recreational go vacationing area, main tourist attraction has air space dignified, resplendent and magnificent, reveal hill of high mountain eyebrow to abound the booth of the first hill that culture insides information; The beautiful shell chute with grandiose imposing manner; Square of the throughout the country's biggest zoology travel culture greets guest square; The tourist center of each advisory service that provides scene area freely for the tourist; Museum of “ whole nation 10 display ” of exhibition high-quality goods greatly, reveal the museum of culture of hill of high mountain eyebrow and connotation of natural and double bequest adequately; The say emperor that has ” of “ Ba Shuzhong king accumulates curfew; See everywhere of flowers and trees, well balanced a pavilion or house on a terrace is adorned, the environment is peaceful dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland of the temple of tiger of nunnery bend over with temple, entire the biggest mountain, nature that shows hill of high mountain eyebrow and culture glamour rub the historical status of ” reachs the first hill of China of cliff carved stone, outstanding “ Confucianism Shi Daosan church of characteristic Confucianism Shi Daowen. Visit end, dinner can drive go to the urban district having all sorts of distinguishing feature fastfood “ is delicious ” of a street samples cate. Must go to China of Yu Wei “ next the bubble of clever beautiful hot spring of ” of the biggest outdoor radon hot spring one bubble, those who set his mind at to enjoy hot spring to bring is exclusive days of softness of hiemal of hill of Yu E eyebrow.
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