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Gold of good view of winter of high mountain eyebrow carries the middle of forhe
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Hiemal gold supports, 3 halls draped the highest Jinfo on the world and bullion copper argent cassock. Gold carries sunrise on the head, rise with the ding synchronism of fane, unbroken Yun Duo holds the rising sun in the palm stealthily, between instantly, take hill of eyebrow of whole high mountain into an opportunity of survival to be set indefinitely on gilt-edged argent world, as if terrestrial the middle of forhead.
Field of ski of thunder hole level ground is happy breeding ground, slideway gallop hire, the dog drags sled, snowball, snowball, extremely.
Atonic cabinet is taken always is mist wind around, green hill drop is emerald green, green Shui Yangbo, the scenery does not reduce summer.
Beautiful hot spring of China's biggest hot spring spirit is reeky, warmth if spring, people is wearing a swimsuit, to the top of one's bent paddle, what enjoy joy to the top of one's bent is cheerful, reaching the sky of ice and snow and hot tide day are outside the pool inside the pool hand in photograph reflect, double world ……

The first day of Chengdu - hill of high mountain eyebrow - Lei Dongping - guide a hall - Jin Ding

In the morning:
Early morning Chengdu sets out about 2 hours 30 minutes to arrive at hill of high mountain eyebrow, in dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland center of temple passenger transport goes sightseeing by travel level ground of Che Zhilei hole, make an appointment with 1500 meters of above to altitude by the car, entered the snow region world of hill of high mountain eyebrow, the dull way that beautiful Xue Jinghui gives you brings infinite joy. About 2 hours arrive at parking lot of thunder hole level ground, lunch can look for a farmhouse around happy enjoy delicate Shan Ye dish.

After lunch, throw the snow region world of hill of high mountain eyebrow at once. Lei Dongping is the place with best scene of snow of mountain of high mountain eyebrow, the tree glacial a branch that glittering and translucent get rid of appears is hanged, ice and snow is enclothed go up in different greenery, 1000 appearance 100 condition, be like jade carve shell carving. See clever boy constantly in snow ground group forage in snow or feed to tourist beg, increase many open interests. Appreciation is a short while, can come on foot field of ski of thunder hole level ground, here is happy breeding ground, fall in the one have diarrhoea in slideway to develop many meters 300 slope base continuously, cross in the woods in carve of jade of the carve that be like ice, experience passion the high mountain ski of 4 excessive. Or it is snowman of snowball, caboodle, drag sled by the dog, really happy and boundless. Play after dripping wet of merry and lively, make an appointment with 17:00 can walk about 20 minutes to come guide a hall, by cableway about 10 minutes reach height above sea level 3077 meters Jin Ding. After entering a public house, lucky can see grand sea of clouds and colourful afterglow, in bullion copper hall, Jin Foqian silently the ding that listen respectfully purifies the heart and Buddha eulogy.
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