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Hill of high mountain eyebrow is pedestrian fitness swims 3 days (it is better t
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Circuit characteristic: Ji of  of Hui of ∩ of Guo of numerous S of antrum of dainty of scar of act of instrument of paper Da He having enough come on Rong Za censures ∩ vasts flinch gym type of?ldquo; of car of  of  of bright of  of bifurcation of earnestly of  of elder brother bureau trains ” , rise fitness and travel union, achieve gymnastical result through jaunt. Hill of eyebrow of pedestrian You E, not be cursory climb, moving however fitness while the edification that experiences natural scene and historical culture, in pedestrian in get the heart release. Each cloister of hill of high mountain eyebrow has his individual lasting appeal, from woodiness condole foot building reachs round place of indicative “ nature the bricky hall of ” , arrive again resplendent and magnificent Jin Dian; Vegetation of avery kind of has his intelligence, from the Suo Luo that dinosaurian times had, spend groove guard of ” dove tree to “ China dove, arrive again groove guard of high mountain cuckoo, fir. Go all the way, little lay confusion, much a deep to hill of high mountain eyebrow be sentimentally attached to.

The first day of Chengdu - journey of hill of high mountain eyebrow: Take a car 160 kilometers

Course: Chengdu - hill of high mountain eyebrow
Before setting out from Chengdu afternoon, go to hill of high mountain eyebrow, about 2 hours can arrive, after entering a public house, can be in all round the hotel dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland the chute of temple, the first Shan Ting, beautiful shell, square that welcome guest, Confucianism center of a covered corridor or walk of culture of path of be an official, museum, tourist rambles. Go having the urban district with all sorts of especially fastfood names in the evening delicious market is thin fine sample. Bubble of clever beautiful hot spring must go later one bubble, experience “ China glamour of acme of ” of hot spring of radon of the first open air.
Lodge for the night late: Foot of a hill of high mountain eyebrow

Dedicate oneself to the service of his motherland the following day temple - 5 show hillock - atonic cabinet - zoology monkey area - Hong Chun level ground - temple of celestial being peak - Lei Dongping journey:

In the morning: 5 show hillock - atonic cabinet - day of a gleam of - zoology monkey area - Hong Chun level ground - ninety-nine path abduct (20 kilometers)
Breakfast hind can multiply car of morning shift sightseeing to come in center of scene area passenger transport the 5 pedestrian mountain-climbing activities that show hillock to begin to have whole course. Along the travel before brook, can not arrive at hill of high mountain eyebrow a little while ” of elfland of voiceless sound of summer resort “ , on behalf of the tourist attraction double bridge voiceless sound, voiceless sound makes the same score a lake. Voiceless sound makes the same score encircle of emerald green hill of lake green a screen-like mountain peak, water quality is pure, clear show a rough draft. Double bridge voiceless sound is beautiful as before, the beauty that sits in Niu Xinting to listen attentively to ” of “ voiceless sound does not have interest one time. Along the travel before the alley outside atonic cabinet continues, come to ” of day of “ a gleam of ahead again. Day of a gleam of is two hill overlap together, pass through meantime, can see only narrow narrow sky. Cross day of a gleam of again forth, be about to enter monkey hill, can see clever clever boy of lovely high mountain eyebrow here. From upgrade of area of natural zoology monkey about one hour reachs level ground of big Chinese toon, gu Mu is become here forest, very tall my day, can experience the “ rain “ of rain of the blame that be like rain, ponder is worn “ is emerald green the appeal of “ of wet person garment. Dimension of king of poet of landscape of Tang Dynasty of no less than is in " Que Ti 2 " in chant those who sing in that way: “ hill road yuan without rain, ” of garment of empty emerald green wet person, return the lamp of 1000 Buddha lotus that can take the place of in the Bai Baiming in the temple, sample the buddhist tea of a cup of relaxed satisfy one's thirst. Do a bit after resting, before edge hill road makes an appointment with half hours to be able to arrive at ninety-nine path abduct, ninety-nine path abduct is hill of high mountain eyebrow famous danger slope, narrow of slope steep road, bend more zigzag. After lunch rests, can continue again here ascend.
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