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Salt has word of eyebrow of flavour high mountain
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The general situation of dialect of high mountain eyebrow highs eyebrow dialect belongs to system of southwest official word, it is a branch of Chinese Chinese, there is its characteristic on language, vocabulary and grammar. Bright, Qing Dynasty because a few older emigrant change person, outside person and native are mutual on the language absorb, formed what give priority to with Chengdu word plain on the west phylum. Language of high mountain eyebrow and vicinity close of each county cardinal principle, but have certain difference again. With place of adjacent county border on, because of interact, on language and speech constant generation is counteracted, indistinct phenomenon. If high the 2nd daughter is eyebrow person appellation " 2 (Er high and level tone) aunt " , and connect countryside some with the Yue that places adjacent of river county photograph the place says " 2 (Er) woman " . Among them " 2 " the pronunciation of the word belongs to sound of high mountain eyebrow is, and " woman " the influence that appellation is language of river getting mix. Be like again: The person of town of accord with brook that with the area in happy hill city Su Ji presses down severe Long Xiang to border says " yesterday " for " comfort (Y à N) day " , say " on last night " for " comfort (Y à N) late night " , with close of severe dragon accent, to counteract a language. Dialect of high mountain eyebrow agrees in cardinal principle of the each district on speech. In light of word of only news, below the hill on hill, surprise of heterodyne of the region inside the city is not big, it is a mountainous area only read aloud some, earthy convention term is some more also. If make the same score dam area to say to have a meal,be (Ch ī ) meal, and Long Chi, Yue is connected etc a mountainous area say (K ē I) meal. But there still is certain difference appearance in area of partial border on and area of remote high mountain. Go up in speech " 4 (world) " " 10 " do not divide, "Column " " pig " do not divide, "House " " nest " do not divide, "Li, stand " do not divide, " justice, firm " do not divide, "Gas, 7 " do not divide. Be like " country " read " blow (Gua) " , " socialism " read " color (Sh ā I) meeting creed (Y ì ) read archery into " rip (Si) arrow " , " post " read " pig head " etc. As a result is troubled by in talking with foreigner piece " post is hanged on pig head " jest. Still circulating in high mountain eyebrow one makes the joke that go out because of oral speech soundvoice up to now: , a foreigner and chitchat of a person of high mountain eyebrow when each other family situation, when respecting of person of high mountain eyebrow ' there is uncle, Mom, elder brother, little brother in my home, greatly small one house lives ' when, that foreigner ate not to stop to burst out laughing. It is so in speech of high mountain eyebrow " house " with " nest " , " live " with " pig " unisonant. So foreigner " greatly small one house lives " listen into " greatly small a brood of pig " . Be like again, high mountain eyebrow has an of which the first part that uses homophonic: "Bonze makes wine (marry) -- 2 worlds (10) " . In speech of high mountain eyebrow " world " with " 10 " unisonant. So " 2 worlds " homophonic " 20 " served as purpose language. Person of high mountain eyebrow is very sensitive to nonlocal language. Foreigner wants mouth talk only, they can differentiate immediately giving you is where person. After founding a state especially, as the development of traffic of high mountain eyebrow, arrive every year from countrywide each district the person that hill of high mountain eyebrow travels in an endless stream. Now, person of high mountain eyebrow has been used to hearing all sorts of different oral speech sound. And also often learning according to the accent of the other side speak with same oral speech sound, that is afraid of tell very at odds, also do so as far as possible. Especially businessmen is more such. Highed eyebrow person does buying and selling to be told constantly in the past " one horn " , " two horn " , also follow foreigner to tell now " one wool " , " two wool " . It is at present in the language of person of town of high mountain eyebrow and speech, gradually slam the door goes those very the square make peace of earthy convention is particularly heavy acerbity speech. Accordingly, this piece what say dialect to basically give priority to body with vast rural area. A few kinds of of high mountain eyebrow special languages are used to one, in spoken language of eyebrow of high mountain of word of suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs " word of suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs " a lot of. Its composition has at the back of a Chan Yin or polyphonic word especially " " word. If tentatively, Mao Li, mulberry bubble, old man, old woman etc. Its pronunciation is tonetic with " " the word sound before the word is tonetic for move, can read repeatedly quickly. But cannot think from this always from the back belt " " the word of the word is " word of suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs " . Say commonly, "Word of suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs " in " " , itself is the component of this term. In word of suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs of and rather than " " , it is add the mood word that go up, although read,rise also very word of elephantine suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs, because high,the thing with eyebrow person fine style often loves to add on one at the back of the name " word " . The Qiu that be like a fish, Qi Ma, gecko, spadger, little baby, doggie wait. The usage of word of suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs is secured quite commonly, and take " " the version is slicker. 2, there still is a kind to go all out in the daily spoken language that spells person of eyebrow of the high mountain that read a statement read a language. Be about to in spoken language two or 3 syllabic words are mosaic or two syllable will read, be like: Did not come -- go all out read: (Mĭu) come, not -- go all out read: (Bi à O) , do not be afraid of -- go all out read: (B ā ) , same -- go all out read: (Y ā Ng) , do not know -- go all out read: (Biăo) , clever cliff temple -- go all out read: (Li á N) temple, (Yan Si) but the everyday term that is confined to people to be familiar with very much commonly, its amount is not much also. 3, the word of falling tone reiterative locution that inflection word every is linked together twice, when conversation, sound of a word turns into after high and level tone is tonetic, sound of a word is changeless, the discretion with forming speech is euphonic. Be like: Handkerchief handkerchief -- read (ā of P à P) build a shell -- read (I of ā of G è G) egg egg -- read (N of ā of D à Nd) candy sweets -- read (N of ā of T à Nt) sleep become aware -- read sleep, the habit adds at the back of this name: " (ē R) child " 2 words will express. Be like: Child son (children) , pig son (piggy) , bovine son (calf calf) , duck son (small duck) , taro son (taro) , mandarin orange son (orange) , tree son (sapling seedling) wait. 5, muti_function the term that the word highs there still is to be become by 3 onomatopoeia block in eyebrow spoken language -- " miscellaneous each " (R of ē of ē of Z ē G) . Because it can replace people a lot of wanting that say inconvenience says or temporarily be hard to accurate the meaning that speak, call it so " muti_function word " . Describe a person to pay attention to courtesy for example, can say to be: "Your this individual just ' miscellaneous each ' " ; Describe a person too insufficient friend can say: "This person too ' miscellaneous each ' ! " ; Say a person is illogical favor can say: "This person just not ' miscellaneous each ' " ! ; One individual disposition is eccentric can say: "The tablet gas of this person has a place ' miscellaneous each ' " ; Compare a person to also can say tastily very much: "The tablet gas of this person has a place ' miscellaneous each ' very " , wait a moment so. Although this kind of view does not have the meaning of a speaking person to speak out apparently, person of Dan E eyebrow listens to know its true meaning. It is strange to still have additionally muti_function word -- " dragon Yi Xiucai " . This word is to circulate generally originally area of Yu E eyebrow the appellation of the hero in fokelore of quick-witted character of a folk. Because fokelore is medium what the typical nature place of the hero has is general representative, become people to use later in describe those is in to live daily similar " dragon Yi Xiucai " the person of disposition, the with the passing of time of travel, become a when for people daily life middling uses muti_function word. If describe a person to do means of subsistence,play lazy, can say: "Your this individual does means of subsistence to resemble ' dragon garment scholar ' same! " , appearance works not able, can say: "The thing that make a point resembles ' dragon garment scholar ' " , describe one individual speech to hesitate in speech, also can say: "Speech of your this individual is resembled how ' dragon garment scholar ' ah! " appearance walks logy, can say " walk along a road to resemble ' dragon Yi Xiucai ' " etc. 6, person of high mountain eyebrow is right " diligent " the person of eyebrow of special usage high mountain of the word often loves to use in the language " strap " the word is mixed with strengthening hyperbole some kind of movement, make you sound particularly vivid and strong. If say somebody walks fast, say: "Someone goes a road to come ' strap ' rapid " ; Someone works prompt is gotten very, just " strap " the growl that get wind; Also can say to walk express, cry " strap " get violent wind. All sorts of appellation of person of high mountain eyebrow one, character appellation can mirror a district sex characteristic most on character appellation. Person of high mountain eyebrow is in character appellation, especially on the relative's appellation, it is more meticulous have strict distinction. Father calls a father's elder brother, or by its brothers seniority weighs uncle, 2 father, 3 father to wait. The mother cries " Mom " . Uncle, uncle all weighs uncle, 2 father to wait by order. Call grandfather " grandmother " . Call grandmother " grandma " . Great-grandfather says " husband " , great-grandmother says " wife " . Mother-in-law says " wife woman " , farther-in-law says " wife father " . Call grandfather " grandpa " , grandmother is " mother-in-law " . Brother-in-law calls some eldest brother, some 2 elder brother by elder sister seniority. Say uncle cries by seniority " big a form of address for a man used by the senior members of his wife's family, 2 a form of address for a man used by the senior members of his wife's family " . Call the aunt " aunt (Ni ā N) " , " 2 women " . Call the uncle " aunt father " , " 2 aunts father " . Call maternal aunt " aunt mother " , " 2 aunts mother " . The husband says wife for " of house head " , or big child, great aunt Mom, or breathe out continuously its name. Wife call the husband " n/COL the head of a family person " , or big child, great aunt dad, or breathe out continuously its name. Call young son " big dog " " 2 dogs " . The son that weighs manhood is big child, 2 child. Call a daughter great aunt, 2 aunt. The daughter-in-law that weighs new move into one's husband's household upon marriage cries " new customer " . Call those who have power and influence is factitious " artisan involving fire " . The person of buccal foolish heart cries " dumb head god " . Ignorant and incompetent person cries " white flint " . The person of not attend to one's proper works or duties cries " ramble child stone " . Horizontal brutal person cries " Yu wood braincase " . Obstinate old person cries " old ox muscle " . Smooth Gascon cries " day Bai Ke " . Thief cries " rinse is ticked off " . Not talktive person cries " frowsty parturient " . The person that love growl does cries " careless beautiful face " . Devoid self-restraint, the person that loves get angry cries " hay is yellow " . Gawkish person cries " get frowzily " . Miserly person cries " miserly home child " . The person that loves to go against move doing only cries " the muscle that go against horn " . "Pregnant woman " call double body the person. 2, food and blood of animal appellation pig cry " ormosia corrupt " or " head knife dish " . Pig buttock cries " fart honest " . Pig large intestine cries " the pig enters the water " . The flesh of give sb a present cries " ginger film " . (because of Jiang Pian of be similar in shape) . Jellied bean curd cries " fabaceous pink " . Bubble cake cries " yellow cake cake " cry again " rice a small lake " . Corn cries " palm steamed stuffed bun " , corn cake cries " palm wraps cake " . Hu melon cries " Hu reed " . Helianthus cries " according to red " . Lotus grey cries " the sliding weight of a steelyard of the sliding weight of a steelyard is white " . Chief body wraps heart Chinese cabbage to cry " bamboo slip is white " . The Chinese cabbage of heart of ox of be similar in shape cries " Niu Xinbai " . Kidney bean cries " 2 season beans " . Beans of high mountain eyebrow cries " soft beans " . Demon taro cries " corrupt of black soya bean " . Orange cries " mandarin orange son " . Grapefruit cries " the mandarin orange that enrage a bag " . Residue from bean after making soya-bean milk cries " snowflake dish " . Fermented bean curd cries " piscine bean curd " . Thick broad-bean sauce cries " pickles " . Bloat dish cries " preserved " . Vinegar cries " sweet child " . Yangtao cries " Mao Li " . Lean lean cries " flesh of essence of life " . Call out a pig to be called " smooth smooth " . Call out duck to cry " come! Come! " mice cries " ground Ma Er " or " lofty father " . Cicada cries " lazy lazy " (N of ā of N ā Nn) . Bat cries " flying squirrel child " . Half big duck cries " hip hip " . The monkey cries " hill (ē R) . " 3, live daily diction

Where is called " ha Gu Zi " . Call here " here Gu Zi " . Say to do there " there Gu Zi " . Have a meal say to do " food taking a place " . The baby is called " Gu Wa (W ā ) " . Unripe child cries " sit month " . Marry be called " whole wine " . Be troubled by bridal chamber to cry " hit new customer " . Marry give sb a present cries " drive a person to kiss " . The woman is pregnant cry " have a good work " . Outfit is odd cry " day is strange " . Be duped fertilizer is cheated cry " met with the business " . Appearance amount cries rarely " also stone " . Thin and small cries " Lang Lang " . Look to cry " take aim " . This appearance cries " this is numerous " . That appearance cries " that is numerous " . Dry what child cry " Gan Lianer? " look for him to there is what child does the thing cry " look for him to have even meddlesome? " drink water to cry " drink boiling water " . Be fed up with cry " spill irritated " . Face of fall out with sb cries " whole cluck " . The pocket is called " forked mouth " . Trailing plants basket is called " cover Dou " . Cloth shoe cries " piece shoe " . Slow don't go yet cries " slowly go " . Work not absorption cry " hit a dream to become aware " . Gluttonous person cries " dietary Bodhisattva " or " take work Bodhisattva " . Work not absorption cry " dozen mix " . The business is bad to cry " hit Puritanism " . Listen so that vigorously cries " listen pleasant to hear " . Eat case delicious cry " eat tasty " . Brabble cry " the evil that reflect an opening " . The person that is not fond of be gregarious cries " make fun of each hand one " . It is very good to describe two people cry " do not leave turnip food " . Describe two people to close not to cry " on turned over a glaze " . The person that loves him ostentation is called " dip fat face " . The woman makes a scene cry " put hold up " . Appearance woman forceful cries " hold up is gotten very " . If irritating a person, be called " color word " . Mind carried a package on the back to be called " put a hot kind cake " . Bolt cries " leak with the sieve " . Eat slowly cry " rare rare eat " . Conversation works not to cry seriously " wake rare rare " . Do not have essence of life to hit colour to be called " Yan Silang is become " . Borrow a thing to cry " demand a thing " . Thrasonical cry " paragraph mouth " . The vest cries " " . Singlet cries " Bostonian Da " . Catnap cries " wear sleepy " . swollen cry " resembled " . The person that sees the increase again cries " this individual fingernail is deep " . A blind person cries " Yan child " . Disturb cry " agitate starts " . Fight cry " hit stator " , both ends gains extra advantage unfairly cry " ride double lead horse " , 10 days say to do " bubble 10 days " , the kiss says " cross close " . Alone and close-lipped cry " of Yin Sisi " , say the thing is strong or the person's body is good cry " iron plate " , uncomfortable cry " be ineffective wake " , appearance is farfetched cry " 7 Hu reed 8 aubergine " , criticism, blame a person to cry " person of day tricks of the trade " , add up to intention to cry " Yue heart " , quality is bad to retreat goods to cry " remove water " . The thing that promised does not do to cry " decline bind round " , support you to be called " to you cuddle rises " , work ad cool-headed and meticulous cry " fine feel " , managing cry " store up is saved " , miserly call " clip bone " , give difficult problem intentionally to cry " take flat turn " , voice is noisy be called " its spend sea " , eat mix mix food to make eat " wrap agitate " , appearance tolerance cries narrowly " gallinaceous belly " , sleep lie-in cries " sleep in the morning " , be troubled by contradiction to cry " spurt giving bazoo " .
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