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The countryside of lamp dance- - triumphal town
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"Lamp dance " has the light namely, have dance. Ding has " boat ox of lamp " , " " of lamp of your pupil of " of lamp of lion of " of dragon lantern of lamp " , " , " , " , " is short " of lamp of watermelon of ample light " , " ; "Dance has " of dance of show of " of dance of shell of clam of " of dance of butterfly of " of dance of xiao of lotus of " of body singing and dancing, " , " , " and " stage to wait.

"In lamp dance " , blame with " ox lamp " has local distinguishing feature quite, "Ox lamp " makes up bovine head with bamboo, black flax makes a body, rope made of hemp is caught black make remaining part, by two people collaboration wraps around cowhide, wear bovine head, be a dancing partner by cowboy photograph again go out to cause difficult act, if get igneous group, climb pew, reverse tall stand, in order to show festival He Jixiang.

The " of " watermelon lamp in lamp dance is the new program of 80 time. Because place gave a " of " watermelon king Liu Lankai, planted watermelon is very famous, big sweet. People is eulogize the policy of reforming and opening is good, make the tube of about of " watermelon " .