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Plain advocate suona horn
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The performance form of suona horn divides tall canopy, low canopy. Tall canopy is to point to the band that is dancer stage show only. Plain advocate suona horn team is low canopy (also have personnel of " of " tall canopy among them) , multi-purpose hold at folk run marriage funeral show

"Plain advocate the characteristic of suona horn " :

(1) division of labor of instrumental music profession is meticulous, can show a man clearly old young all sorts of moods of different figure nature and feeling;
(2) have plain advocate a mountainous area people's honest and bright and clear disposition, bold and unconstrained is vigrous, be good at showing the grand momentum of the mood of lively jubilation and topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

"Plain advocate development of team of suona horn " is very rapid, already popularized countryside each corners, in recent years, already was in every village young officer off hours, add a suona horn tax, let a student have deep love for project of activity of culture of characteristic of this one place as a child, grown for prosperity culture of a mountainous area folk makes contribution