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Peaceful hill club is roused
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" hill club rouses " , it is two kinds of different instrumental music. hill, cry hill date, the club is roused, call a club great strike.

" hill date " , amuse by a tender Ci Zhu receive, about one meter long, the sound that plays, sound excessive of long, sound, mild and indirect, should hill should water, can blow " of toot of 24 " toot at a heat.

"Marvellous club rouses " , it is will old bamboo curiums, at first both ends takes a part, intermediate symmetrical hollow grows aperture into double-dealing, add later, two bamboo slip dig long hole. Performer left hand holds " to rouse " , the right hand runs small bamboo stick, stroke gives metre, metabolic formation, having grumous agrestic flavor.

"Peaceful the origin that hill club rouses " has two kinds of views. It is to say to suffer temple of high mountain eyebrow child the influence of the " of " wooden fish in, follow to " of " wooden fish is made and play; Another kind of view, bed drive out tough thing is used. The corn that the farmer in hill plants, monkey and other animal often are eaten stealthily, beat of rat-tat of farmer knock rat-tat will frighten them.