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The countryside of careless dragon- - Fu Xi is pressed down
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The " of " careless dragon of dance of person of accord with brook, ancient already had, place belongs to dam area, wide produce rice, everybody afraid is made convenient, write straw dragon kind, by 3 people or much person performance, indicative dragon congratulate is lucky, reveal the joyance of domestic home bumper harvest.

The time of dragon " of Xi Cao of " of dance of person of accord with brook is the last few years ability is arisen, dance is careless once upon a time dragon, it is millet straw is made completely, successors think more the characteristic that behaves place, the banquet careless spin that teems with with place becomes dragon. Be like 1985, they make chromatic banquet grass dragon, 29 55 meters section, long, be welcomed by people.

Careless dragon of Fu Xi, pass place the effort of people, play not only there is its distinguishing feature on the law, and in make more show its trait: Already had now ' " of dragon of only part of " of dragon of color of " of careless dragon of element of " of dragon of tile of " of dragon of caterpillar of " of dragon of Xi Cao of " of straw dragon of " of dragon of short straw of " of long careless dragon, " , " , " , " , " , " , " , " , , province TV station, the CCTV had a story respectively in recent years.

Now, this Long Ren that press down dance is counted, already amounted to 1300 more than person, spread all over every dorp.