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Field of eyebrow of high mountain of all kinds of strange things
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Bonze field has temple of a clever cliff below hill of high mountain eyebrow, there is to cry by the temple " Gao Qiao " little village. According to " Shangalan memorizes high mountain the top margin of a page " reach " annals of graph of hill of high mountain eyebrow " account: "Build at Sui Tang at the beginning of clever cliff temple, yuan era destroys Yu Bing, bright big the Seng Hongyi between Wuyonglenian rebuild. The Seng Baofeng between Jing Tai is added long. Around last a period of time 25 years only then into. Dimensions grand open, after hill door comes the hall is continuous more than 10 lis, have a hall 48 heavy, the monk is numerous more than 1000 people " . Because temple is big the monk is much, often before bonze of the hall after hall bonze is not known, lay Buddhist people burn joss sticks does obeisance to Buddha is not equestrian it is to sit litter. Regrettablly so big a cloister, yu Bingxian is destroyed at the beginning of Ming Weiqing, put the memorial archway of ancient stone inscription of a broken only now. Zhong Yu of clear person Tan swims in his infinite deep feeling sighs in grass of high mountain poem: "High table of Ling Yancui beautiful alarm, door of day of look into the distance drops swing, palace of 48 heavy buildings distants and out of sight, ancient tablet lies oneself especially dark green stage " . Although this famous Gu Si already not answer exist, but it left one place to have religious colorific historical sites to place however -- bonze field. "Clever cliff temple " temple old monk is much, the lay Buddhist that respects Xiangbaifo is much also. Especially annual make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain is sweet meeting and temple fair. Little not should purchase paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead of joss sticks and candles in great quantities, the Buddhist ceremony things such as Confusion classics, figure of Buddha. Contact lay Buddhist people should lodge, have a meal, and buy sell daily expense sundry goods. At this moment, by proximate temple " tall bridge field " in season and unripe. Tall bridge field is not big, only a few other peoples. Arrange strewn at randomly inadequacy grows in one unit of distance is wide the small market either side that does not live two meters. From Ling Yan the temple goes here is to need the ground of classics, go up because of this street everyday contact of bonze lay Buddhist is incessant, after a considerable period of time, everybody happens to coincide the ground calls it " bonze street " . Whenever field period, a lot of bonze in clever cliff temple should go into the street drive, buy Buddhist ceremony things and articles for daily use. Black garment come-and-go is more on the street, monk numerous many. So everybody the field Gao Qiao period also be called " bonze field " . The field with the most peculiar eyebrow of weighbeam field high mountain period want number to be driven every year only " weighbeam field " . This field is in city east place of about 5 unit of distance cries " dry river child " in river dam. Field period is every year at the beginning of Feburary. Arrived this day, in river dam, on roadside filled up with the violet twigs of the chaste tree with all sorts of accident, differ degree of finish. This kind of tree it is the special material that makes weighbeam. This locality and other place do the pedlar of the balance to want to buy material to here. Bustling jam is in hundreds of people in a small river dam, or buy or sell, lively and special. Pass midday, empty after the show of somebody who happens to be on hand for an errand is empty. High mountain eyebrow is a mountainous area forest is exuberant, teem with Chinese redbud. Do weighbeam as it happens needs this kind of data, accordingly the terminal market that nature civilian is weighbeam material. Why should field period is at the beginning of Feburary surely? Because spring is the season of sprout of branch of Chinese redbud hair,be; The 2 at the beginning of Feburary one as it happens that is high mountain eyebrow is annual town god sessional. Meeting act in an opera is played the part of in the city successive a few days, very lively. Nonlocal pedlar was driven that day " weighbeam field " , still can go into town see town god meet, drive already, look again meeting, kill two birds with one stone. Celebrate economic communication and local red-letter day consuetudinary and natural union rises. Field of light fire bug is in of high mountain eyebrow a few remote and a mountainous area, if dragon door, Sha Xi, double dragon, general promotes and other places, hill tall great distance, farmer lives dispersive, drive to countryside field should go most day, still grow than driving the time of field on foot. Want commonly in the morning 11 when neat field of or so ability, afternoon 2 when the left and right sides in succession empty after the show, buyers and sellers clinchs a deal quickly, fast-moving. Buying and selling ends, some eats a beans to spend a meal in nearby small eating house, some is gnawing the maize cake that carries, go toward the home severally. Drive a time to be less than 3 hour, be like the firebug light that shines to die namely, so people cries it " light fire bug (firebug) " . Light a lamp drive a high mountain eyebrow to still a day does not shine drive, to the strange field of the empty after the show when dawn, this is " matutinal field " .

Peng bridge both neither is villages and towns, also do not have street. Only a few small shop supply pedestrian traffic stop on the way for a rest, burn tobacco, drink tea. It is to high eyebrow city and the traffic thoroughfare of 9 lis of swallow hillock countryside, countryside. Rely on highway edge closely, the ground nods moderate, traffic is convenient, so around farmer often is before dawn carry pig, Niu Cao on the back to Peng Qiao to sell, each supplies what the other needs, also take some of vegetable to sell incidentally, buyer fastens around farmer more. It is actually all round the surplus and deficiency between farmer is adjusted. Everybody kinds or types of goods is pure, the purpose is clear, drive a person not much also, clinch a deal so very fast, drive a time extremely short, arrived day break empty after the show. Had eaten breakfast, or to high mountain eyebrow, Yan Gang, 9 lis are driven, or next cropland work, all not lose time, long and into common. Up to now " matutinal field " still be being driven.
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