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The dragon lantern that sweet-scented osmanthus bridge presses down
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The dragon lantern that sweet-scented osmanthus bridge presses down, breed is much, but give priority to with cloth dragon, the history is long. Number of dragon body part has 7, 9, 11, the cent of 13, same department odd number; Yellow, red, orchid trichromatic, with triangle or edge of curvilinear form calico (represent dragon scale) , muscle of dragon of the words of the lowly person carry little weight of two rope made of hemp is seamed inside.

When cloth colour dragon is performed, match with boost the morale of of gong and drum, colored flag add to the fun. Long Zhu plays to make conduct by a person before dragon, long Zhu is a pellet that has roll, za Shanggong cloth installs load handle to do. Dance dragon person harmonious and consistent, with stand, genuflect, official style of 3 kinds of looks, dance gives the appearance of dance rolling dragon that fly swiftly upward, be like plain boil, do obeisance to Buddha, sheet to bind, double bunch; Still one jump roll dragon, 2 jump roll dragon, 3 jump roll dragon, boss rides dragon, celestial being monkey jumps plain, the Eight Immortals in the legend waves the sea, Kong Ming turns over a book to wait.

Town of sweet-scented osmanthus bridge is below the condition that does not change dragon of colour of this locality cloth, they go boldly the county of Sichuan copper bridge of " of the first dragon introduces so-called " the world " of " copper Liang Long (dragon divides 3 knives to plant, place dragon and unexpectedly ability Long Cailong belongs to athletics art, placing dragon is to swim placing the appreciation that lay a person) the method that make. This kind of introduced dragon, belong to place dragon, overall length 50 meters, 24, every represent a solar term.

1998 yuan day of 15 swim on the meeting, two when sweet-scented osmanthus bridge presses down place Long Hong to use wall of high mountain eyebrow. This double-dealing hill of eyebrow of the high mountain below diplodocus of copper of the since that place dragon. 50 individual dancer are big coil dragon. Bibcock flying hair on the neck of a pig spreads cheer, dragon body plentiful and substantial is husky, dragon tail becomes warped high powerful, lifelike, your person gasps in admiration.