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Platform of Shuang Fugao picket
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"" of tall picket, platform, it is artwork of heavy head culture.

People loves place most plain play, people develops plain play clue to go up in tall picket platform, say according to old people, can make tall picket platform, know plain joke certainly, but those who know plain joke, not regular meeting makes tall picket platform.

The tall picket platform of double blessing has the characteristic of its oneself: "" of danger, strange, beautiful, be puzzled. character Gao Xuan, rise high into the air, or stand to go up in finger tip, or condole falls at point of a knife, in order to show its danger; Establish the character to go up at rotational content, or in belt of station Yu Fei, or make play the part of content (tiger, wolf, monkey) the mouth that wait can character, the foot is active, surprise in order to show its; " of " meeting child (the character on tall picket, children is acted) babyish picture installs distinct, dress, prop to make excellent, imprisonment of together with whole is perfect, harmonious wait, in order to show its beauty; In modelling of whole tall picket, platform, hide its mechanism, concealed its acute angle, the pulley on dark traditional Chinese clothing, recording, broadcast wait for prop, be suspicious of the person that make watch, in order to show its be puzzled.

Platform- - be in the modelling on mesa, not upgrade jackknife, without alarmingly dangerous movement. Its modelling is some easier than tall picket. Or station, or, or crouch, or lie, without false start, image is clear, do manual work is careful, be like the labour strokes in art, go after imprisonment content all the more much. Capacity big, form is beautiful, the person that make watch acclaim as the peak of perfection.

Platform of Shuang Fugao picket, once upon a time is who meeting " makes do with " can give money. For instance " mammon is met when " , the person of deal gives money; "When Cai Lun meeting " , give money by paper mill home. After new China holds water, platform of Shuang Fugao picket is taken seriously by the government, a few years of ceaseless exploration, development, rise, support energetically again on the funds that make, its content is more the situation serves at that time, for instance when land reform, its content has " Bai Mao female " , " is small 2 black marriage " , hill of high mountain eyebrow declares world nature and culture bequest, be made in order to publicize eyebrow of high mountain of celestial being hill for content, like " of result of god of eyebrow of " high mountain, "Li Bai of downhill " , " listens to Bai Long musical instrument " . Perfect its form and content ceaselessly, get the welcome of the audience.