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Congress of first international after shake is in Gong Zhushan guesthouse holds
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Thirteenth seminar of international retina denaturation (XIIIth International Symposium On Retinal Degeneration) in September 2008 18 ~ high in the scenery Gong Zhushan guesthouse holds eyebrow hill grandly picturesquely 23 days. This is the top class seminar that concerns retinal disease foundation and clinical research, share famous expert of more than 200 abroad to go to meeting, home can organize Chinese oculist to attend this second meeting according to standard of our country ophthalmic conference by Sichuan province medicine. This the conference is to concern retinal metamorphic domain to be in global the superlative degree is other internationally the conference, when meeting ground nods, the choice has 3 equipment to select a site at that time: Channel of Singapore, 9 stockaded village and hill of high mountain eyebrow, the high level of the view that considers hill of high mountain eyebrow is elegant and hotel serves character, meeting Wu group is final make choice of hill of high mountain eyebrow regards the conference as the place, signed conference agreement with Gong Zhushan guesthouse in August 2007. This year after 12 earthquakes of 5 · , was not affected because of the earthquake to knowing hill of high mountain eyebrow, carry on-the-spot investigation 3 times, saw with one's own eyes witnessed hill of high mountain eyebrow and the situation of Gong Zhushan guesthouse, scene as before, everything is normal, because this decision still is pressed,plan to hold this meeting in Gong Zhushan guesthouse formerly. The choice of meeting Wu group showed hill of high mountain eyebrow and the conference with Gong Zhushan highly competitive guesthouse adequately to spend false condition, facilities of facilities of condition of the travel resource of area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow, accessibility sex, infrastructure, sightseeing, conference and service quality got international approbate. Before the conference is held, gong Zhushan guesthouse made very meticulous preparation for this congress, include to arrange controller of group of Wu of person specially assigned for a task attending the meeting to join, wait for each detail to undertake be deliberatived in detail deciding with room and special requirement to guest have dinner, the person specially assigned for a task that return a clique accompanies a guest to be discussed to assembly room spot how to put. To the special requirement of western guest have dinner, guesthouse prepared the white wine that beefsteak, red wine and individual woman like technically for the guest, antechamber ministry prepares the meal coupon that daily place needs technically for the guest, one-time deliver to a guest alone, bring the convenience on the oldest rate to the guest. 20 days, delegate attending the meeting will adjourn one day, ascend Jin Ding to visit 4 great marvellous spectacle, session, representing will swim in Le Shan river, have chaffy dish, hill of eyebrow of sufficient experience high mountain, happy hill regards the world as the distinctive glamour of double bequest, the line of high mountain happy high-quality goods after also revealing an earthquake to common people as before beautiful.
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