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SPA of Gong Zhusen Lin Wenquan is pure and fresh come on stage
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Southwest is the SPA that rely on the first times with hot spring of high quality forest, take natural and harmonious concept, cure of the medical knowledge in using French scent therapeutics to combine tradition of hill of high mountain eyebrow, entire fragrant cure division all hold country is professional fragrant cure card, add the excellent service of house of on 60 years of state guest, the content that is a project and service assured quality.

Gong Zhushan guesthouse is known as because of beautiful environment " silvan hotel " , guesthouse in order to advocate natural for pursuit, of SPA of Gong Zhusen Lin Wenquan roll out, still reflected day person and the harmonious concept of one. SPA of Gong Zhusen Lin Wenquan raises shop of body beautiful system to be located in red bead of lakefront red bead hot spring guild hall, pool of the bounty outdoor, precious jade a the pool hot spring pool that has distinguishing feature each scatter in immense forest, lakefront. Between pool of every hot spring, all use landform and the vegetation segregation that are born formerly ably to leave come, with stone diameter is linked together among. Muddy is like independence between each pool, be short of filar silk is interlinked, it is clever very.

SPA of Gong Zhusen Lin Wenquan is born below this kind of environment, elegant and quiet environment, buckle ground connection with photograph of silk of natural forest silk, for the character of SPA promotion created advantaged condition. Be located in below celestial being foot of a hill, contain a lot ofelegant clever take offense to cease, culture of traditional Chinese medical science of chiliad of hill of eyebrow of inheritance high mountain, therapeutics of shirt-sleeve west scent, build the atmosphere of lithe and graceful warmth meticulously for you: Those who enjoy water, petaline, greenery is close stroke, suck natural forest place to send out the fresh air that give, everything is so halcyon. The each program place among SPA physiotherapy needs to use water, all collect at hiding underground 3000 meters deep bear the hot spring that press radon, but balanced body function, united States colour skins, stretch body and mind, need to be inside short time only so, can obtain unprecedented comfortable with health, more, still have the satisfied experience that is born with photograph of natural look be in harmony. SPA of Gong Zhusen Lin Wenquan will become you to show one of pattern of life grade.
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