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Gong Zhushan guesthouse " have a good swim Gong Zhujian Kang Xiangban " activity
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The sunshine fall, asperse fall red bead lakefront, with natural landscape long look is accompanied, to our exalted guest, abundant photograph is greeted.

Happy holiday, to Gong Zhushan guesthouse loosens body and mind, those who make healthy, vigor oneself. We wish you are here, find the happy metre that belongs to oneself.

1, red bead lakefront self-help dinner
The autumn that chooses meticulously raises a body nourishing raw material, the cate of celestial being hill with more delicate cooking, of Yu Meili red bead the setting sun that lakefront tastes autumn day in all, it is the best choice of holiday absolutely.

Dining-room of sweet cabinet of high mountain eyebrow

2, during the National Day, have dinner of restaurant of Fan Zaibin shop is one-time consume 500 yuan of above, give souvenir of hill of high mountain eyebrow; One-time consumption 1000 yuan of above, can innovate freely from anthology month dish; One-time consumption 2000 yuan of above, give the value that 180 yuan red wine rolls out value bottle or every weekend 168 yuan red bead lakefront self-help meal coupon one piece.


3, privilege of the overflow between bag of KTV of hot spring guild hall
Mobile time: On September 18 -- on October 10
Fee of the hall between KTV bag is same during the activity 5 fold
Between KTV big package 1680 yuan / second 4 hours
Give: Red wine one bottle, beer half dozens, elegant and fastfood 2 portion, fruit spell 1
Between the bag in KTV 1280 yuan / second
Give: Beer half dozens, elegant and fastfood 2 portion, fruit spell 1
Between KTV packet 1080 yuan / second
Give: Elegant and fastfood 2 portion, fruit spell 1

Hot spring of Gong Zhusen Lin Xingguang

4, preferential price of holiday of joy of hot spring of Gong Zhusen Lin Xingguang
In the morning at 10 o'clock -- at 12 o'clock 68 yuan / person-time
Midday at 12 o'clock -- before dawn at 1 o'clock 108 yuan / person-time

5, project of autumn new Jian:
(1) SPA of Gong Zhusen Lin Wenquan
Elegant and quiet environment, buckle ground connection with photograph of silk of natural forest silk, for the character of SPA promotion created advantaged condition. Balmy therapeutics is not curious, and culture of traditional Chinese medical science of chiliad of hill of high mountain eyebrow duplicates hard however, be located in below celestial being foot of a hill, contain a lot ofelegant clever take offense to cease, the natural beautiful that is rare absolutely is chosen. The raw material of the concerned water that the each program place among SPA physiotherapy needs, all collect at hiding underground 3000 meters deep bear the hot spring that press radon, but balanced body function, united States colour skins, stretch body and mind, need to be inside short time only so, can obtain unprecedented comfortable with health, more, still have the satisfied experience that is born with photograph of natural look be in harmony.
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