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Gong Zhushan guesthouse is brand-new chess card room comes on stage ceremoniousl
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Guild hall of hot spring of Gong Zhushan guesthouse rolls out the chess card room that complete new clothes constructs now, current, 4 buildings chess card room has thrown 7 luxurious atmospheric use, ample space, the area amounts to 100 square metre, perfect facilities facilities, be in recreational while, the joy of family of give attention to two or morethings. Chess card room not only the function is perfect, and held to Gong Zhushan guesthouse to always advocate natural concept, inside the window luxurious air, the scenery outside the window is pretty. In recreational of chess card room at the same time, you still can enjoy hot spring of high quality Gong Zhusen Lin Xingguang in the guild hall, experience romantic fun of lithe and graceful Xiaochi in the forest, distinctive piscine cure, pass active and lovely small fish, the help undertakes massage all over, make body and mind is loosened completely thoroughly.
The near future, guild hall of hot spring of Gong Zhushan guesthouse still will roll out project of hot spring SPA, collect hill of high mountain eyebrow a mountainous area calefacient circulates in 3000 meters of place of two bayou underground bear the hot spring that press radon, the guild hall is attentive research SPA gimmick, accurate craft, perfect 5 stars course is honorable service, let your free enjoy prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Expect please.

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