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Happy National Day, gong Zhushan is lively and extraordinary (group plan)
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Today is our country founds a state 59 years festival day, also be the first golden week since the earthquake, now is the 3rd day of the golden week, good from fine of weather of hill of eyebrow of the high mountain since 29 days, scene as before beautiful. 3 days come, my house also received the golden week enter a peak, guesthouse is entered rate is successive achieve 90% above, collective of whole house employee prepares for war, had made the preparation that serves to the guest heart and soul, ensure the National Day that lets a guest cross a safety, Shu Xin.

Parking lot

The guest awaits in total stage

5 buildings hall is lively and extraordinary

The staff member follows total stage carefully the guest explains

Sales promotion of guesthouse National Day attracts a guest to stop watch

Off also do not forget to learn

This cries " steal in idle busy "

Taking baby to see beautiful scenery

Be the same as the day that celebrate with the country, new people also chooses to come today in succession the important event that the predestined relationship decides him. Hall of sweet cabinet of high mountain eyebrow and renown hill hall will hold royal marriage dinner now, the festal atmosphere of luxurious warmth diffuses in whole guesthouse.
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