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Today autumn, enjoy decorous and happy the Mid-autumn Festival to Gong Zhushan
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Round of bright moon slowly rise, a few minutes of moonlight, affection of a few minutes of idle. The month flushs bead lake, the moon between greenery far hill, more cool. The sound of the clear traditional stringed and woodwind instrument other ear, the poetics picture meaning that tentacle can reach, by Gong Zhushan the take along sth to sb of the Mid-autumn Festival of guesthouse gives you... Key word: Mid-autumn Enjoy the glorious full moon article happy Red bead moon cake AndSPADecorous grade Fall season, gong Zhushan guesthouse is special planned a series of wonderful programs. You can book the Mid-autumn Festival to be held in lakefront that evening that day"The flower is fine mid-autumn, lunar circle is red bead " enjoy the glorious full moon taste happy self-help late banquet, will invite a belle to combine the spot to perform music concert and tea at the appointed time art performance, the acoustical be better than of traditional stringed and woodwind instrument soundses of nature, article happy while sample what guesthouse makes meticulously is red bead Xue Ya of eyebrow of high mountain of good tea of honour month moon cake and celestial being hill. Carry wife belt or it is with the friend accompany heads for the late dinner that attends to have atmosphere of high level culture and natural flavor so, the home closes below wonderful moonlight in all joyous or be raise his wine cup with the friend communicative, it is absolutely today autumn the most refined arrangement. The friend that attends late dinner that evening still obtains organic meeting red bead box of ceremony of honour month moon cake or ticket of hot spring of Gong Zhusen Lin Xingguang, experience those who roll out guesthouse is newest to hot spring guild hall andSPAStill will enjoy 9 lose privilege. In the meantime, guesthouse still prepared more of be to one's profit mid-autumn formula: Contain the room of one late room, suffer invite attend"The flower is fine mid-autumn, the month is round mid-autumn " enjoy the glorious full moon taste happy self-help late banquet, The price will be lower than before 20% . The detail can understand through the following means or book: Seek advice reach book phone 0833-5525303 or 5525304 or land Www.hzshotel.com of guesthouse government website