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Fall season, to Gong Zhushan free is enjoyed satisfied go vacationing the life
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Time comes sadly fall, experienced the excitement of seismic sadness and Olympic Games, a back-to-back small the Mid-autumn Festival length a holiday is about, how had arranged this god-given gold to loosen season, be about to become a fashionable topic of people.
Today guesthouse of Qiu Gongzhu hill rolled out a series of special activities, go vacationing the autumn that is you shine on deck beautiful pure and fresh good intention affection.
Hot spring 3 favourable activities:
Dry, bleak autumn, human body is the easiest and dry lack water, systemic skin moisture follows " abominable " climate resembling is the fierce battle that undertaking one is lost sight of, make the best of time to undertake to body and mind consecution is to know your urgent matter that maintain. Xiaochi and the Gong Zhusen Lin Xingguang that are about to appear on the market ceremoniously and SPA all are in all sorts of characteristic hot spring that Gong Zhushan guesthouse is you to prepare in autumn autumn rolls out special preferential price, have the excellent service of the house of state guest of 5 stars class of 60 years of histories, the illicit of delicate grace enjoys the life, in Gong Zhushan ability is found.
Mobile time: On September 1 -- on November 31
Favourable content:
The honoured guest that hotel enters during the activity can enjoy hot spring 5.8 lose privilege, be not inn guest to enjoy 7.6 lose privilege, the guest that altogethers to raise body shop to consume to guesthouse SPA can enjoy red Zhusenlin · of starlight hot spring and SPA9 lose privilege.

Additional, still a certain number of activities wait for you to attend!
Fall hot spring section activity of 4 big themes is premonitory:
1, the guest of card of Fan Ping's teacher will enjoy teacher's day that day on September 10 7 lose privilege
2, the Mid-autumn Festival will be held in lakefront that evening on September 14 " the flower is fine mid-autumn, the month is round mid-autumn " enjoy the glorious full moon taste happy meeting, will invite a belle to combine the spot to perform music concert and tea at the appointed time art performance, the acoustical be better than of traditional stringed and woodwind instrument soundses of nature, every attends that evening mobile guest has an opportunity to obtain red bead honour month moon cake or ticket of hot spring of Gong Zhusen Lin Xingguang.
3, the National Day: "Have a good swim red bead, healthy photograph is accompanied " activity
4, the section that weigh this world: "Congratulate of Gong Zhushou soup weighs this world " activity
In the hot spring small pool with the peaceful and high grade choice outdoor, special boil in making healthy and macrobian Chinese traditional medicine distribute a poll, soup of absolute preserve one's health is enjoyed namely before bath, enjoy again after drink raise body soup autocratically, transfer to other localities manages inside, provide service of person specially assigned for a task, the rest that makes an old person sufficient experience safe health days.
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