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Cate village: Between landscape " you " " I " photograph companion
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Be born for beautiful scenery, cate only.
By day, face water and sit, shadow of black of far green hill, vicinity greenery dancing; Qiu Rinuan this world is aspersed on the body, one relaxed with satisfied emerge so mind, taking slightly languid is lazy be intoxicated in autumn scenery of brimless of hill of high mountain eyebrow together. Night, multicoloured and flowery neon lamp cate village deck more enchanting and moving, bonfire was lighted, the lantern shined, clear river water mirrors or bright or dismal smooth picture, chaffy dish, barbecue, dry boiler, explode fry... the cate that everything and night concern, be explained so that have vitality more here, countryside wild cate also can become a banquet, and more vivid and dramatic.

Accidentally savor the bittern food that cate village makes, although be recalled simply however boundless, slam the door traditional heavy saline taste, taste of the five spices play gets incisively and vividly, bite readily go down, full mouth is unripe sweet, wonderful. Live actually, so simple, we are OK carefree, blowing river wind to see a landscape, eating cate to talk of everything, unrestrained and far -ranging. Probably, once also had produced many romantic stories here!
Sweet clew: Cate village assemble the marrow of cate of characteristic of high mountain eyebrow, happy hill, by eyebrow of precious of hill of medicinal food of high mountain eyebrow, high mountain eyebrow, high mountain 8 cardinal principle fasten bar of eyebrow of corridor of bud of snow of water of fast of element of eyebrow of small hutch of eyebrow of barbecue of eyebrow of fastfood, high mountain, high mountain, high mountain, god, high mountain assemble of hundreds kinds of cate. Delicate and delicious, it is the biggest characteristic of dish of the gust in the village, and consumption of average per capita just is controlled 40 yuan, quite be to one's profit oh.
Delicate fragrant footprint: 500 meters of place go before memorial archway of hill of name of the world of area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow