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The revitalization of tourism industry to serve the country - won the 2010 Chin
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December 18, 2010, the brand Personality of the Year awards ceremony in China's Beijing Guoan Theater held. Field announced for 2010 Person of the Year in China the brand, the brand industry exploits people in China in 2010, mayor of China's top ten brand list. Mayor Zhao Yide Wenzhou Municipal People's Government won the 2010 China Top Ten Brands mayor. He is the youngest of Zhejiang to municipal leaders, who promote the "pragmatic, pioneering" spirit, closely around Wenzhou reform, stability and development of the overall situation, to adjust and optimize the economic structure of Wenzhou, in order to enhance the city's comprehensive competitiveness of the process in the positive contribution. In 2010, he led the strategic development of Wenzhou Power nurture new industries, the implementation of integrated tourism development strategy, started in Wenzhou city brand. Wenzhou, a leading industrial economy in electrical manufacturing industry, shoe manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing industry, electricity production and supply industry, plastics manufacturing, apparel manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, chemical materials and chemical products manufacturing, metal products, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry and other top ten industries. Responsibility of gathering strength, the brand achieved a dream. Indispensable to the development of a city brand, a brand development are inseparable from the city leads the way: mayor. They are not only a city leader, but also a city civilization communicators, they are more representative of a city's brand image in their leadership and promotion of the city to become known throughout the country's economic capital, brand capital. Person of the Year 2010, the brand series of activities in China December 17 to 20 in Beijing, including the fen night? Welcome Dinner and VIP salon, the Eleventh Summit in China brand, TV Personality of the Year 2010, Brand China awards show, the brand Industry Alliance of China all the second session of the Congress, the Second Summit of Chinese brand managers, Brand China 2010 Industry Person of the Year awards ceremony, brand character Bridal Tea House, 2010, the sixth channel of the General Assembly Brand China, Zhongguancun tour brand, brand China ? all Beijing Thai green electric vehicles and other colorful parade activities. Brand China 2010 Person of the Year by the brand series of activities organized by the Federation of Chinese Industry, Tianjin TV, "Chinese entrepreneurs", "Finance" magazine, etc. as a media-sponsored, Sina, the only designated as the activities of the network platform. Brand Union (Beijing) Consulting Company Limited has undertaken, Brand China Council, China Brand Managers Association, Federation world champion and co-Air Media, Focus Media, "China Times", Zhao information media, the media as a strategic Bin Chen Media Partners, the Beijing Traffic Radio to broadcast media a strategic partner, Tencent Finance is the official online media strategy, Phoenix is the official guest of new media, cool as the only designated Finance Financial six video portal, the first video as the only specified News video sites, the financial sector as the only designated financial portal site, and the Financial News Network as the only designated portal, brand development research center in China to provide intellectual support for the activities of the brand in China Network official website, "Brand China Week" for the activities specified special issue.