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Delicate Bay from Shun Fuk Chak Chak Wan Shun international tourist island re
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"Sunco boundless, Ze Run Silent," which is along the property has been upheld by Ze and the pursuit of the goal into the Hainan since 2008 has been unprecedented for the heart of Hainan value. In recent years, has been obsessed with the property along Ze high quality of life of the operation, and perseverance in pursuit. In Hainan, has won market reputation, whether the exquisite Bay, or along Zefu upcoming Bay (Forum News) are smooth flowing, without exception, Ze noble ideal of blood and endless struggle. Along the way, overcoming all obstacles, searching and continued beyond, moving toward the peak ideals. Endless years of operating high-end road Gonggeng Shun-Ze real estate, to building quality, environmental protection, creating the best living environment for the goal, become committed to the development of outstanding high-end residential and commercial operators, now in Beijing, Jiangsu, Chengdu and Hainan, with six regional real estate development company, has completed the Royal Dragon Court, Riverside Flower City, Shun Chak Fortune Plaza (Forum News) (Forum News) and other real estate development and construction projects. October 2008, Shun Chak into the Hainan property market; 2009 Ze exquisite Bay project launched smoothly, and sales in the year completed. December 2010, Shun Chak real estate market in Hainan, an epoch-making milestone in the project - along Zefu Bay, is available in the market to accept the years and the dual review. Shun Zefu Bay on the peak of self-transcendence Follow the trend, not follow the crowd, the Sheng Zefu Bay uphold the basic idea. When the whole of Hainan Island are in the context of international tourism, along Zefu Bay has maintained a unique calm and kept building with a unique temperament with its own ideal work. Now, word of mouth along the Gulf of Ze exquisite on top of real estate along Ze turn on the self transcendence. In an excellent location on the Bay Begonia, to advance the planning and design concepts, continuing high-quality architectural tradition, Chak Shun Shun Zefu Bay --- Real Estate Relay will be the era masterpiece along the Gulf of value delivery Ze exquisite, continues to lead the international tourist island. We believe in the journey of managing the future, all the glitz and loud will be the past, only those plain ideas and emotions to make progress in order to shake everyone's mind. In the numerous changes in the era of change, and only maintained a share of the sincere search for the original and aspirations to become a strong Hengqiang the protagonist. When the world changes, along Zefu Bay remains unabated. Mountain board in excellent shape I made the cloud the end of the peak sea to shore Since ancient times, near the door more Ze. Sea, berthing of self-cultivation, off center, the Hang Seng to build the ancient aristocratic heritage. For this mighty human blue water, with the inherent, not give up the attachment, depending on the water and the building, near the water door, it is thousands of years the same aristocratic elite and the hearts of understanding between the architect. Numerous sea were home, as like Venus, born from the sea and then the eternal dream. Those who create the legendary name of your home has become rare in the past, written into the history; we hope to shun Zefu Bay will open up a new history, writing a new chapter, so that the dignitaries who inhabit this body in the sea and sky merged drunk, indulging in beautiful life, in order to accommodate the vast sea of boundless heart lapel stalwart, to host the surging sea amplifier streamer years, in order to trigger the heart of Tong Brisk quiet, noise in the three provinces in the thousands of its body, Yun passion in peace, in the impermanence of seek constancy. This is given along Zefu Bay, the true meaning of life.